run your hands thru tremaine’s new hair

ya’ll know how i feel about tremaine neverson.
trey songz,
for those who don’t know.
i think he is like one of my legit celeb crushes.
his fan pages are all over my ig explorer page on the ig foxhole.
so he’s been keeping up with that cut i lowkey wanted him to get.

do you see that bottom lip?

well everyone wants him to cut his hair.
i don’t.
he has done the fade/low cut situation.
my only beef is i need them to line up the front better.
just a little critique.
tremaine has done something new to his hair,
while still keeping the same hair swagg.
this is a recent boomerang he put up…

do you see…
the shape up
the shine
the intense eye sexin’
c’mere tremaine…

lowkey: i feel new music is cumming…
i’m ready.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “run your hands thru tremaine’s new hair”

      1. Out of the majority of the men you post I like him the most, still. What I think I like about him is that he looked like he was a goofy dork coming up & has grown into this sexual sensual monster. I like clean cut men like him too so that certainly plays a part. I’m pretty honest enough & I ain’t gonna lie & say I might trip & fall into his lap by accident…Just saying.😜. If he showed he was intellectual, he’d definitely get the goodies.

        That dark-skinned one from Insecure with the masculine jawline can get it too. He’s like one of the sexiest you’ve featured. Y’lan Noel is his name. I wouldn’t even know how to act in the room with them both….Let me be quite and behave….

        1. ^preach about tremaine!
          i share the exact sentiment especially about “grown into this sensual sexual monster”.
          he seems smoother than the others too.

          y’lan is the a crush too.
          i hope to see more of him on insecure.

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