phor from “black ink crew: chicago” has some interesting alleged pipe leakage

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 i’ll be the first to admit that i never watched “black ink crew”.
you know how i’ve distanced myself from trash tv.
so i don’t know much about phor from the “chicago” edition,
but i do know that his alleged pipe leakage is circulating.
there is one other thing i do want to know tho


…did he send that video to a vixen?
since when do straight wolves send “under carriage” shots like that?


lowkey: maybe he wanted his tail eaten like groceries?

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “phor from “black ink crew: chicago” has some interesting alleged pipe leakage”

  1. He definitely gets that salad tossed but I’m more inclined to believe that he was baited by someone because they make all the straight boys do that on tumblr when they bait them

  2. I’m not sure why people are surprised. A man’s most sensitive erogenous zone is the prostrate…not the penis. everyone likes to be touched on those inside parts.. you cant help what feels so good so why wouldnt he want his ass eaten.

  3. You’ll be surprised what straight men do for pussy. Many of them like getting their cakez ate for that sensation not bv because they’re gay

  4. trend: the wolves are now getting their salad tossed. Its the new “trend”. Bitches are eating ass. We all know its been happening but you know. Lol

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