they only blow up my phone if they want me (nah)

last week,
i got called in for an interview at a major fashion brand.
the pretty vixen sent me the application couple weeks before.
i filled it out,
sent it back,
but didn’t really have high hopes.
i didn’t hear from them,
so i moved on to the gig i’m at now.
the friday before last,
they blew up my phone/emails trying to lock down an interview.
it was weird.
last tuesday was the day of the interview.
it was pouring,
but i asked my new gig if i could leave a little earlier.
they said yes and i was out on time.
the office was luxurious.
it was also would be a quicker commute from where i live.
from what i thought,
the interview went well.
the older snow vixen who interviewed me was pleasant.
a little off,
but she was nice.
i got this response today about the gig…

Thanks so much for taking the time to come into the office for an interview with _______. After interviewing a bunch of candidates, they have decided to move forward with someone else unfortunately. We will keep your resume on file if anything else comes up in the future.

Best regards.

the way hr was blowing up my phone and email,
you’d think i was getting hired by the way they were moving.
fuck them.
on to the next.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “they only blow up my phone if they want me (nah)”

  1. Word of advice to a lot of black folk looking for work. White H.R representatives will look at your resume and may be impressed by what they see but once you come in for the interview and they find you intimidating, they will pass on your candidacy. Companies do not want any black people who make them feel inferior. You can not be too attractive, too smart, too stylish or too talented.

    1. So much truth to this statement… Especially now given the current environment. It’s crazy especially in the New York market. I have people I’ve mentored (both male and female) that have outstanding backgrounds who can’t find employment. The new code word statements include “you’re not the right fit”, “we are looking for someone who fits our culture” or “the position has been put on hold”.

      It’s even worse if you are a person of color in the IT sector where Asians have taken over a lot of the senior level positions. Unfortunately they tend to hire “their own” at cheaper salaries even though the person of color might have more experience and knowledge.

      Bottom line is most organizations with primarily white male executive leadership might make you middle management. But they will never offer a person of color a seat at the executive table if they feel threatened by your talent or success. There are a few rare exceptions but for the most part, this is the norm….

      1. ^which is why when i fonted that this temp job i’m at wanted a snow vixen,
        i knew what i was fonting about.
        i felt it in my spirit.
        im more than qualified for the position,
        but the snow wolves (jackals) im working with would rather have someone else at that desk.
        it’s really depressing.

      1. Honestly New York is ruff right now. Your hustle game has to be on point. Something will come you way when you least expect it. But never say your doomed. Like my moms told me a long time ago. Never let them know or show the inner struggle. Always shine like the brightest star. Sparkle like Dominique Deveraux….

  2. I hate this kind of isht. That’s pret-a-Manger did me before I landed a great job in the flatiron district. They acted desperate, and I was more than qualified, I had prepped winning answers but being good at body language I knew the chick was not feeling me. I even listened to questions they asked the other interviewees and they skipped on asking me two of those questions and thus sealed my fate. But clscrew that retail job and pret-a-manger. They missed out

    1. Based on my experiences white women in H.R are the biggest offenders when it comes discrimination toward black male job candidates. The funny thing is they are quick to slide under some black dick on a Saturday night.

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