so…uh, that was… it? (insecure)

*kinda spoiler heavy

i love insecure,
you know i do.
it’s the only show that i relate with real heavy.
one that i tell everyone from the mountain tops,
but tonight’s season finale for season 3

…was so under-whemling.
what did i just watch?
they usually go out with a bang,
but this go round,
it was like a a whimper.
the only positives was:

– molly’s clothes
– the black-buster in the park
– kelly
– lawrence sexy ass
– nathan sexy ass
– issa finally unpacking her apartment

…and that was it.
what was the point of “bisexual” jared showing up?
it was so random.
i wasn’t left anticipating the next season.
things were kinda dry.
it’s like that wasn’t supposed to be the season finale.
it felt like that was the episode before the season finale.
the one were nathan explains why he really left,
 molly having to choose between asian bae and jared,
and daniel showing up to issa crib to profess his love.
if possible.
gimmie a crazy sex scene.
maybe i missed the significance,
but i didn’t get any of it it.

Am I the only one?

17 thoughts on “so…uh, that was… it? (insecure)

  1. I had been hearing mixed things about the finale since I wasnt able to watch the initial airing. I got a chance to see it and loved it. I think they did a great job of setting some questions to take us to next season. So excited to see Jared but was briefly let down when his “brother” was revealed (LOL). Would have been nice to see them explore his bisexuality from the male side. Molly’s storyline reminds me of my sister who is an attorney. Same problems with men AND law firms. The legal profession is a trip! I was so mixed on Molly confronting Nathan – I got where she was coming from but I would have wanted the opportunity to handle it myself. I also think as @Jammy said, life doesnt always happen with a bang but rather with a whimper. It IS a long wait for season 4, tho….

  2. I thought the ending was very smart and showcased how Issa is finally getting on her game and Molly is starting to crumble and become more insecure. It leads me to believe that Molly May be more of the focus for the next season.
    And the end with Lawrence and new girl seemed like some definite foreshadowing into how we’ll see more interactions with Lawrence and Issa while Issa partners with new girl. Maybe we’ll get a storyline with Lawrence in a “my ex vs my next” kind of scenario. I’m excited 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. I haven’t watched Insecure throughly enough (sometimes IIjuat want to see the men naked…shoot me for liking to eye the chocolate) soso correct me if I’m wrong anywhere.

    This anti-climatic season could be one of two things.

    1.) Editing, scripts, cuts

    2.) Intentional because sometimes life doesn’t go out with a bang. Insecure protests its “realness” so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to have an “anti-climatic” finale. Everything doesn’t always need to have a “bang”…some whispers lead to explosive outbursts later.

    Okay, no shade but can we get on with these black shows always meandering around bi-sexual men…🙄

    I’m pretty curious to see how things would play out if Issa or Molly got into a romantic tryst with another woman though. That would really put some interesting quality in the show. I notice e how black female relationships aren’t focused much on these types of shows, so it might be interesting if Molly or even Issa might swing both ways.

    As for the “bi-sexual guy” thing…well, ummm….I still don’t think the black community in general is having it, despite folks thinking “times are changing” but I suppose it might provide a spark on the drama candle here and there.

    I don’t date bi sexual guys. The last one tried to slide a woman in by coaxing me into a threesome. This was my much younger days. He tried to pull that Noah’s Arc shyt heavily.😑

    I’m still wondering if they are going to do that show I heard was supposed to be made about a bi-sexual black man? It could be very dramatic maybe with him dating guys and girls but I wonder will the sex scenes be tame between the guys compared to the strasight scenes?

  4. While it wasn’t in the usual Insecure style I enjoyed many moments in this season finale. I still need this show to have more episodes

  5. I feel you the entire season was very underwhelming too me. But honestly thats how it is with alot of shows remember when Empire had everybody hooked the first few seasons then became a mess, but I like the realism in Insecure so thats why I’m going to stick around for the fourth season & plus with only eight, thirty minute episodes it makes the boring ones more tolerable, unlike Empire which makes us sit through 22, 1 hour boring episodes.

  6. Soooooooo….. I have mixed feelings. I agree it didn’t go out with a “bang” however I feel like there were “mini bangs” that were laid out in an attempt to keep us satisfied until next season.

    – Nathan’s is back and is clearly dealing with some demons
    – Molly’s approach to her ambitions back fired and is now the outcast at work
    – Molly owns her shit with fine ass Asian bae
    – Lawrence is dating the chick that was helping Issa get back on track with the block party
    – Issa could possibly land the beat crew job
    – Issa is in a completely different space than when the season started despite all the Nathan bs

    I figured we wouldn’t figure out exactly what was going on with Nathan this season, I think his role will be much bigger next year. I actually thought we were going to get to see Tiffany have the baby at the end of the episode. Maybe they’ll open next season with that *shrug*. I also wish we had seen more from Dro and Candice…

    …all in all, I was satisfied. BUT next summer is a long time to wait for a new season.

    1. ^i think that’s why i’m so upset 😭
      this long as wait until next season.
      like, wtf issa?
      ima need more than this and quicker.
      i wish she did a mid season finale or something

    1. Yeeeeeeeeeees. Also like how are the women that were bad mouthing him all of a sudden want to embrace him. He must have been humbled by Molly’s aggression but now they all have a common enemy which Molly made herself into by accident.

  7. I always thought Molly felt she was better than Jared. It was king of like a look what you could of had if you didn’t push your own assumptions and baggage into others. He worked his way to Regional Manager so he has ambition, he was honest and she took that for granted. Now she’s dating this Asian guy who original was her knee jerk reaction to hearing Dro got Candice pregnant but he might be the one to put her in her place since therapy isn’t working.

    I also find it interesting that she wanted to be this boss take charge person this season but couldn’t put the Taureen who was overbearing and control with the case work.

    1. ^i love this breakdown of molly.
      it be like that tho.
      she was hurt by dro and didn’t want to admit it.
      now that he is about to have a baby,
      that really took her for a loop.
      she was burning bridges at work too.
      molly was a bigger mess than issa this season lol

  8. I think it was well done my Regina King in showing how Molly has impacted her life in this last episode. Like her assumption seeing Jared with a man meant he was gay, when it was just his brother. Or Molly pushing her baggage and hurt into Issa by making the decision for her pushing Nathan away on her birthday.

    Issa and the new girl Lawrence is into might be interesting next season. It seems like her and Issa will partner up to build off of what Issa wants to do. I feel that Issa is very dependent and that showed this episode. That scene with her and Lawrence in the lawn, you could see between the episode with them talking in the cafe vs the lawn, how Lawrence viewed Issa as a new person one minute and differently the next when he heard she was willing to give up. I think it was impacting his thinking that maybe they could get back together, but after hearing her talk about it being to hard he wasn’t into the new Issa and thought she’s the same all together.

    It could have been longer. Maybe a blow out between Kelly and that pregnant chick I can never remember lol

    1. ^i like what you fonted s&m.

      i feel like their season finales are usually more epic.
      this felt light and filler-ish.
      they didn’t end it with something exciting or a cliff hanger.
      it ended really confusing for me.

    2. someone brought up the significance of every season of it ending with issa on a couch.

      first season she was sad
      second she was on someone else couch
      and this season she is on her own couch and making her own way

      i guess i can see that but i kinda wanted more…

      1. I think it showed significance because after all that time her apartment was still filled with boxes. How is she suppose to grow and build if she can’t even get her home unboxed. A month Nathan’s been gone and still that many boxes in her apartment? And finally she has her own

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