rome flynn is literally the bold and the beautiful

we’ll get into ^this “yum” in a sec.
sidebar: i’m so behind on shows right now.
i didn’t even realize “how to get away with murder” started.
*siri put smh emoji*
…now he can get into the above.
 rome flynn.
he’s the new addiction addition to “how to get away with murder”.
he plays the mysterious eye candy,
gabriel maddox:

…and ever since his debut,
he has everyone barking and drooling.
i won’t lie,
but rome is a good look out here…

rome is the “pretty boy” wolf we all know.
they get a ton of sex and rightfully so.
look at me rhyming ‘n’ shit.
i remember seeing rome on “haves and have nots” one night.
i was passing by and he was in a scene.
i was like “who dat????”,
but i forgot to look him up.
he definitely isn’t new out here either.
he has been on the “the bold and the beautiful”:

…in which he won a “daytime emmy” for:

i love when someone has been working out here.
as soon as they get on the radar,
they have a whole resume behind them.
even though i’m now seeing his work,
i’m rather impressed with his background.
rome has a beautiful vixen and daughter too:

he is just living his best life,
ain’t he?
well i want more.
i can’t wait to see what rome gives me.

pictures/videos cc: rome flynn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “rome flynn is literally the bold and the beautiful”

  1. Ever since Drumline 2(yes I watched don’t judge me) when he played a gay man I was all for this slice of pie. He’s not too risqué though so I always forget about his fine asz.

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