Jamari Fox Asks: Hasn’t Tami Roman Shut Up Yet?

Oh yeah Tami?….
Wasn’t this filmed months ago?
You are now apologizing to that woman?
Shut up..

Even Nicki Minaj’s crazy ass had something to say:

Nicki Minaj ‏ @NICKIMINAJ
So disturbed by this episode. #Sad

I found that episode hard to watch myself.
I found myself wanting to fly through the television to defend that woman.
I hate to see people bullied and will cause hell if I see it happening.
BUT please if you can,
check out Kesha on her blog giving a nice lesson about bullies (nice play Kesha!):


Which leads me to my next question:


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4 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Asks: Hasn’t Tami Roman Shut Up Yet?”

  1. Yes I’ve been bullied and I know how it feels to be the victim in situations. Tami could have did that a lot classier than than she made it seem that even if Kesha would have explained it would have made it worse. She should have said what she had to say and left it at that. She didn’t have to grab the girl bag and say where she from cause Kesha is not where u from. Smh tami smh

  2. I’m hoping that Tami apologized to Kesha before now – once everyone saw her mess. I’ve never watched the show, but I used to like Tami as a person (what I saw of her); now I’m over it.

  3. Yea, I’ve been bullied, but I have been a bully also. I used to fight a lot, but when I got about 14, I changed my ways, and things became easier for me. Now that I look back, I wished I handled situations differently.

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