The Chad Ochocinco Dating Website?

Would you let this Baller Wolf find you a date?…

Apparently, Chad wants to start a dating website for Baller Wolves.
Can I sign up?
Even though this is what Twitter’s purpose is… right?

Are you looking for a NFL Baller? Well according to Chad Ochocinco he will be able to help you find what you are looking for. Chad tweeted that he is launching a dating website for NFL players…stay tuned. Chad who found his fiance’ Evelyn Lozada online and he is now making it easy for everyone to date a baller via the web!

Side Note: Chad dated Cameron Diaz 6 years ? Who would’ve thought Cameron Diaz would’ve dated such “hood” player.

Ratchet behavior on the way!?
Sounds like legal escorting.
I hope this website comes with a message board.
Shit, now I’m excited…!

8 thoughts on “The Chad Ochocinco Dating Website?

  1. Chad dresses in the most gay things and YETTTT Noone EVER mentions it. Scared much? That’s how you know most people are punks . Ps: that whole dating thing is bullhor and that was my idea anyway !

  2. Cameron Diaz also dated Diddy. Things aren’t always as they seem from the external package. Now to Chad, so do I get a reality show if I date a NFL player?

  3. Wait……let me get this straight….You would let Chad Johnson aka Ochocinco find a date for you…when he is dating Evelyn from BASKETBALL WIVES…to me the proof is in the pudding and I would have to PASS

  4. I would join the sight hell I’de be on the damn commercial on bet lol. Let’s see I’ll take jimmy graham, Vernon Davis, suh ( I can’t spell his first name), Braylon Edwards, Rodey white, markes colston, Tim Tebow ( lord forgive me), lance moor, and last but not least Mr Ray Edwards. That’s just list 1

  5. I’d try it; at least you know what you’re dealing with up front; I want some Ochocinco tail…or maybe Vernon Davis

  6. Yea, he could fine me a date. I’m not really into the whole baller thing, so I would need a chilled and layed back baller fox. I don’t want a dude that has to have a beard on his arm just to keep the people quiet.

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