When We Role Play… (33)


You been going back and forth with this Fox for a couple weeks online.
He is pretty funny, down to earth, and has a good personality.
But fuck all of that,
he is freaky as hell and keeps turning you on with the messages he is sending you.

“I want to deep throat that dick til it hits the back on my throat.”
“I want to swallow all of that nut.”
“I want you to stick that big pipe inside me real deep.”
“I want you to fuck the shit out of me til you nut all over my cheeks.”
“You know you want this tite wet ass baby…”

He comes clean about the fact that….

….that he is feminine and OUT.
He asks you if that is okay…
and proceeds to send you a picture in email

He has his own spot and wants you to come over tonight for:

The best sex you will ever get in your life“.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (33)”

  1. Not into feminine men.

    Also, his messages would have turned me off. That’s not classy. I want a fox that knows how to carry himself. Be my freak behind closed doors. Not in public.

    1. Right right. Those messages mean u send that shut to any Tom that whips out a dick picture no matter how lame they are. That makes me lame by association so I’ll pass

    1. You would be suprised. He doesn’t look fem but when he opens up that mouth,it might be a different story.

  2. Oh this is a good one Jamari, but no I would not smash dude, and for more reasons other than that he’s a fem. It’s way too soon for a dude to be sending me sexual messages after two weeks, that’s a lil thirsty. I give dude respect points because he has his own shit and he’s got a lot going for himself.

  3. I agree with “The Man”…personally I believe all it would be is a booty call because afterwards I would have no interest to pursue anything else

  4. We fvckin – I’m not all that opposed to fem dudes…well depending on the level. I’ve dated them before. This, however, is sex – and with that phatty, good sex. Maybe I’ll add him to my FwB roster…

  5. As tempting as that ass is in the photo, and the sound of my piece hitting the back of a throat, I’d probably pass. I’m not into feminine men, regardless of how big their ass is, or their deepthroating skills.

  6. I don’t get how these wolves or whatever u call em fall for the most basic lines like all u typed up. They fuck any an everything and wonder why hiv spreads . My answer – once he starts with the basic bitch messages I’m done texting

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