Jamari Fox Asks: Hasn’t Tami Roman Shut Up Yet?

Oh yeah Tami?….
Wasn’t this filmed months ago?
You are now apologizing to that woman?
Shut up..

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When Angry Baby Mamas Come With Receipts

Of course, she did WAY too much on Basketball Wives last night.
That scene with them made me roll my eyes…
…and then today, who knew his baby mama was also rolling hers….

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You a Non-MUTHAFUCKIN-Factor

This was a tough week for me.

Lord KNOWS I was going through the washing machine called “The Struggle“.
But, even though I went through all the bullshit,
I still remained calm, cool, and Fox-like and just gave it all to the man above.
Therefore, making me see my blessings rather than my struggles.

Does this mean I am on my way to being in a better place?

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