When Angry Baby Mamas Come With Receipts

Of course, she did WAY too much on Basketball Wives last night.
That scene with them made me roll my eyes…
…and then today, who knew his baby mama was also rolling hers….

Royce sure knows how to pick them. She thought she had a catch with her new & younger boyfriend, Dezmon Briscoe of the Tampa Bay Bucs but it looks like he has a little baggage he can’t let go of….a baby mama who apparently didn’t like what she saw on television last night! Christina Nero of Dallas, TX is the mother of Dezmon Briscoe Jr and according to some text messages she so nonchalantly dropped on Royce via Twitter, Dez has been trying to get that old thang back.

Looks like she didn’t like what she saw on TV because just last night she sent the following tweets:

“I swear I almost threw up watching bbw fake ass relationship. In your 30 and your ass too Gullible #NotAGoodLookMaam. Any REAL woman, would encourage her man to come see his son or hell at least buy a pack of diapers”

And then…

Come on now Royce, don’t be stupid.

Source: Baller Alert



(what kind of phone she got?… lol…)

let’s talk…

Think of this as a good thing as you throw his shit on your lawn.
Sadly, this is ALL your fault.
I was never really a fan of the show,
but now that I have a world of free time,
I decided to check it out and it is not as bad as I thought.
I watched all 4 seasons and I have come to the conclusion…


Stop putting these men on the show.
And realistically,
why did you think you would lock down some pre-teen?
Good dick, I’m sure!
Great head, I’m know!
He is cute and all, but he is still in Pampers.

Didn’t you learn anything from Dwight?

This is why dating Wolves with small kids or newborns is tough.
They will ALWAYS be an emotional attachment.
Plus, he had the pussy before and he can get it again and again.
He is claiming you, but you see he still trying to beat the baby moms.
I hope the baby moms doesn’t think she is a prize either.
That whole text convo is “I’M TRYING TO BEAT THAT AGAIN“.
Baby girl, you are just “Already Had/Comfortable Ass” to him.
So give it up and move on (in more ways than one).

I need you to figure this out and get back to me.
I think you are one of the realest one the show.
You shut em down and shut em up.
But, I need better penis choices from you….
…and stop broadcasting your relationships like you are a pre-teen too!
Just because you look young doesn’t mean you have to act like it.

….now, let’s call the moving van for his shit on the curb.

16 thoughts on “When Angry Baby Mamas Come With Receipts

  1. Royce please stop bringing a different man on the show every season. Your son will grow up one day and to see this is not going to be pleasing to him as a young man. I like Royce, but that romantic scene was a bit much for real, it was very contrived and downright silly, and to put your personal business on blast like this opens the door for this kind of drama. Listen to your daddy and stop dropping it like its hot for every man that tells you some bull. She needs to start coming to this forum and getting some advice. Now on to those pics at first i was like WHOA but then I was like fake as hell and it even says their photoshop, would love to see the real pics, he is a nice looking dude

  2. Royce is what I like to call a relationship junkie she will jump in a relationship with any man that comes her way and shows interest in her I really think she doesn’t know how to be alone and doesn’t want to be alone. She is one of those types of girls that will put up with alot of shit from a nigga just to say she has man. Now this situation screams leave his ass alone but yet she is still on his dick

  3. Don’t watch this coonery and those picks fake as cheese. But dez is sexy as hell it must b the name dez

  4. I don’t watch this mess, but I can tell you this shit is fake as hell. One of my boys is launching a biz as a personal trainer and he told me that one of his clients is a basketball jumpoff. She was recently cast on a version of “basketball wives” that’s launching in another city and they asked her to bring her trainer on the show and they’re supposed to be a “couple.” Ya’ll need to realize these “reality” shows are fake. Royce is using this shit to be relevant and keep those checks coming.

    1. Definitely fake. And Royce is going out there & putting the BM’s number on Twitter…doing the most *sigh*

      1. YEA! I seen that shit. Now I don’t dind him attractive anymore. It’s no need to lie about your dick size, that shit aint cute.

  5. I think Royce makes bad decisions regarding her personal life, but I have a lot of respect for her because she stays away from the drama. Dez is so damn fine.

  6. I was waiting on this post! That dude is BAD!

    When he said “We’re deeply in love” and “I could see you being my wife” I can’t lie my heart jumped because dudes don’t say shit like that these days.

    She shouldn’t have put him on the show though.

      1. As far as dudes with baby mama’s you have to see how they interact with each other both on the phone and in person. Body language does NOT lie and if you suspect they may still be fucking from time to time they probably are.

        It takes at least a year and a half to get over your last relationship. If he just broke up with his baby mama three months ago RUN! Especially if they have a history of getting back together and conceiving more kids.

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