i apologize.

my writing tends to come from a place of pain.
it’s relatable because many of us struggle with the same things.
being a black gay male isn’t easy in this hateful society.
my creative expression comes from:


for the last couple of weeks

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i want to apologize to you

…i truly am.
i was thinking about you today.
i think about you a lot actually.
thinking about how much i really liked you,
but i fucked it all up.
i’m so damn awkward when i’m around someone i’m really feelin’.
there was a time you were trying to get at me,
but i acted standoffish.
i mean you fumbled the bag too,
but i’ll get into that after i font my peace.
now it wasn’t that i was standoffish…

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kevin hart uses his gay card to get back on the oscars

kevin hart always a trick or two up his sleeve.
he’s a slippery fucker.
he won’t be outta here that easy.
so as you know,
or didn’t,
but the oscar committee canned him over of his past tweets.
( x see those past entries here )
ellen degenres isn’t letting him go anywhere tho.
they say she’s the gatekeeper to the gay community.
once you go on her show,
you’re washed and reborn in the blood of gay Jesus.
she has put on her cape and is standing tall for kevin.
this is what happened when he went on her show today…

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todrick hall learns his stans might be as crazy as he is

when you have social media influence,
folks who don’t know you will go hard for you

that means those who follow your journey will be protective of you.
you can’t be posting anything and everything.
todrick hall has learned that.
when he posted that rant about his ex danny,
his legion of stans went ape shit about.
it got so bad that they sent danny death threats.
todrick had to post these apology videos with the quickness…
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Keith Powers Serves The Bisexuals A Cup of “Sorry”

in my heart,
i feel like keith powers is a genuine wolf.
he is very harmless compared to others.
you know “the others”.
well remember that scandal he had with the comments he made about the male bisexuals?
( x read it here )
well he realized the error in his ways this morning.
this is what he fonted on twitter
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Madonna Is Sorry for Her Attentionista Ways

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.45.19 PMwell everyone on every social media platform tore madonna a new one.
( x remember this entry )
well she quickly apologized for those pictures she put up on her instagram.
she apologized.
no you are not dreaming.
this is what she told people via essence
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