kevin hart uses his gay card to get back on the oscars

kevin hart always a trick or two up his sleeve.
he’s a slippery fucker.
he won’t be outta here that easy.
so as you know,
or didn’t,
but the oscar committee canned him over of his past tweets.
( x see those past entries here )
ellen degenres isn’t letting him go anywhere tho.
they say she’s the gatekeeper to the gay community.
once you go on her show,
you’re washed and reborn in the blood of gay Jesus.
she has put on her cape and is standing tall for kevin.
this is what happened when he went on her show today…

 this is what she did to help him:

in which he responded:

imagine having someone powerful make one phone call to save you.
when you have big alliances in these forests,
you can be protected.
i dream of having a few of those one day.
kevin seems to have huge alliances in these hollywood streets.
what he did to get them could be up for discussion.
with ellen’s cosign,
the oscar community is open to him hosting now via “variety”:

Key parties involved in the annual Oscars telecast are open to the return of Kevin Hart as host, one insider close to the event told Variety, following an alternately contrite and defiant appearance on “The Ellen Show” on Thursday.

Leadership at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and ABC, the network that broadcasts the telecast, are open to Hart resuming his role as emcee if he signals that he wants the job. That message could come through a spokesperson or on social media, where Hart maintains an active presence on Instagram and Twitter, the individual added.

i mean,
we can’t use the “if he was black…” defense.
at this point:

he’s hosting the oscars and not running for president.

How much of ya’ll was gonna watch the Oscars anyway?

it was smart pr for him to go on ellen.
she is openly gay and holds a lot of power.
in my head,
i feel the oscars didn’t have a replacement either.
i doubt that if they did,
he would even be considered.
with the way the public goes into outrage and then moves on,
folks don’t even care anymore.

article quote: variety

10 thoughts on “kevin hart uses his gay card to get back on the oscars

  1. I’m gay and I think the joke was funny. Grow some balls bro. We make fun of straight people all the time.

  2. As a Black man, I really hope Kevin has more self respect than to go crawling back to the Oscars. His behavior is excused because a white woman says it is. However Kevin has been canceled for me. I honestly don’t find him all that funny. But I’m sure he’ll do it and make some self deprecating joke about the situation during the awards.

  3. DWRCL………Jamari, This is the line of the year, the brand new year so far

    …y”ou’re washed and reborn in the blood of gay Jesus.”……


    Listen I’m sorry Degenerous does not speak , I repeat does not speak for the gay community. Maybe the white gay community but certainly not the black one. And as they, the white community runs the Oscar’s, she speaks their language.

    This goes deeper than Kevin. The Oscar’s have a fucking problem, a VISUAL PROBLEM. an all white people have talent problem and as usual Kevin , a black man is being used to color wash their lily white party to appear inclusive. Their ratings have tanked every damn year since #OscarSoWhite outed their white ass so having Kevin is a convenience, not a necessity. THEY NEED KEVINS COLOR AT THE PARTY. They need Kevin ro have ratings yo. They need Kevin to have black people watch the show. But they still fucking white. Oscar still fucks white. Oscar also fucks black only for chocolate loving reasons.

    The question is why do black people feel so entrenched and determined to be a part of this white society and we all know the reasons and they are MONEY. POWER. SOCIAL UPLIFTMENT TO THE JONES. MONEY. MONEY AND MORE MONEY.

    So Kevin will go and host the Oscar’s. He always wanted to. Good for business. Good for HIS business. Y’all dont think Kevin is in the same game as these white boys in Hollywood?. He wants to make money, period, by any means necessary. Kevin learned that the horizontal way, in an office couch somewhere in Hollywood.

    He said he’s changed, changed to what? A friendlier gay loving black man that now let’s white men suck his dick? If y’all think our sweet little black boy Kevin suddenly got famous and in such demand because of his quote unquote TALENT in Hollywood, in Fucking sodom and gomorrah HOLLYWOOD, then I will leave you all to continue to suck that lollipop while I sit back and drink my tea.

  4. I’m still waiting on someone to bring up Ellen’s decision to cancel Kim Burrell (gospel singer) for her preaching an anti-gay sermon last year but now defending Kevin Hart for hateful gay slurs..:

    1. the difference is that those tweets are from 10 years ago, and the record shows he’s apologised for those homophobic sentiments twice in the past long before the Oscars picked him as host. At some point we have to allow people space and time to change for the better. The moment you rob people of redemption you take away humanity’s capacity to progress. The difference with Kim is
      1. it’s way more recent
      2. remorse was PR motivated (occurred only after the backlash)
      Kevin’s situation doesnt fit that criteria
      This Outrage culture in today’s socio-political climate is hella toxic

  5. So Kevin Hart is the victim now? And Ellen is dismissing his homophobic jokes and tweets? I’m officially disgusted. And why are black gay men still playing block and defense for homophobes under the banner of racial justice?

  6. I’m just laughing at all his bigoted defenders go back to calling him a “sellout” and “coon.” As for me, he’ll remain cancelled until he apologies for his colorist jokes…

  7. Honestly he’s made bad jokes/comments about dark skin women so he been cancelled. I’ve never been interested in his brand of screaming comedy. I’m still shook from that R. Kelly documentary, and they only just got started.

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