how deep is your glade air freshener for me?

i love the smell of ^that “clean linen” glade.
that was a side bar.
my foxhole tightened up when i read this story.
this is also another sidebar.
there is a reason why i don’t do big pipes.
i like my guts re-arranged.
once they start going way up there,
you’ll be looking like this after:

some folks want to put all kinds of things up their fox and wolf holes.
a big pipe isn’t enough.
well this dominican wolf was feelin’ freaky and wanted to try something new.


A 40-year-old Dominican man has been forced to undergo emergency surgery after a can of air fresher ended up stuck in his rectum.

The man’s wife told medical staff that she had inserted the Glade air freshener can into her husband during intercourse at his request.   

The unnamed man was rushed to the Francisco Moscoso Puello Hospital in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic for immediate surgery. 

Local media reported that the surgery took around two hours and that the man is set to make a full recovery

A hospital spokesperson told local media that the man is in a stable condition after the operation.


how deep was he trying to get that thing?
i know he saw stars as she pushed it up further.
he literally can say it was up in his guts.
out of control.

article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “how deep is your glade air freshener for me?”

  1. Damn..DWL..the things that people do.. I’m still amazed that some people like the feeling of having a fist up their Azz. That’s not enough I’ve seen,read people with some huge things up there.. I think it’s gross, repulsive to me.. I wonder how their body functions after these assaults.

  2. Horrible. 2019 is already doing a fool. This is about a study as folks getting upset because there will be a delay in tax season this year because of “government shutdown.”

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