r. kelly: the king of slippery meat

let me font ya’ll something about ^that jackal up here.
you see him?
r. kelly.

He ain’t going NOWHERE

and i’ll font you why

this is like the 3rd or 7th time (?) r. kelly been exposed for the culture.

marriage to aaliyah
boondocks episode
village of alleged under aged sirens
this “surviving r. kelly” documentary

i’m sure i’m missing something in his timeline.
it is always a big stink,
everyone has stories about his behavior,
and then folks move on to another scandal.

not only that,
the older vixens who fucked/masturbated to his music still support him.
he is their 90s legend that they won’t be letting go.
in my opinion:

R. Kelly is protected

there is no way he gets exposed this often,
but then things get swept under the rug.
he must either have some big alliances or knows a ton of secrets.
i blame some black folks tho.
well for one,
he’s associated with “sex”.
his older songs have been on a majority of their “baby maker” mix tapes.
they can’t seem to separate the “memories”.
there is the “victim blaming”.
the one who was violated is usually the enemy.
that is just how it goes.
there wasn’t any snow vixens as victims.
if that woulda happen,
he would def be outta here.
so as much as this is the story of the moment,
i don’t see an end to r. kelly.
he’ll never be on top again,
and most of us won’t listen to his music again,
but he won’t be going anywhere with the support he has.

Am I wrong for thinking this?

lowkey: is this documentary covering anything else i haven’t heard?

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “r. kelly: the king of slippery meat”

  1. Also, just for clarity I don’t really believe in cancelling people, at some point as rational thinking people we need to be able to separate the art from the person. I still watch the Cosby show when it comes on or A Different World, Meteor Man, and Ghost Dad. I’m not giving up my Michael Jackson, if you want to watch House of Cards go right ahead etc.

  2. This in no way is meant to seem as though I support R Kelly’s actions, I just think its important to interject some facts into the conversation and apply some critical thinking with a dose of reality.

    So, let’s start with the 2008 trial of R Kelly on the sex tape (child pornography) case which R Kelly was acquitted of 14 charges on June 13, 2008. Its easy to get caught up in the narrative that fame and money bought him a dynamic legal team which led to his freedom or that black people as a collective whole supported him so much that the legal system buckled under the pressure, but many legal experts at the time thought that his legal team was a joke but were also skeptical of the prosecutions case, one legal professor said the case was a “ victory for the concept of reasonable doubt” “Leonard Cavise (2008, Nytimes article)”. In reality the jury believed that it was R Kelly in the tape but they couldn’t confirm the age or identity of the victim in the case, coupled with the fact that the victim didn’t testify and even denied it was her and at some points even some family members testified that it wasn’t the alleged victim, so at that point what was the jury actually supposed to do……. Exactly what they did do.

    So, let’s move on to the alleged marriage between Aaliyah and R Kelly (at this point do we still say alleged) and the absolute hypocrisy of the outrage on social media and America as a whole. I was shocked to find out recently that between 2000 all the way up to 2015 that over 200,000 minors were legally married in the United States of America; out of 50 states 18 states have no minimum age requirement, 2 states have a minimum age of 14, 5 states minimum age of 15, 19 states minimum age of 16, and 6 states have a minimum age of 17. I was even more shocked to find out that while there has been proposed legislation to change this, it is often met with heavy resistance and is subsequently defeated; so, what’s really going on in America. I say all of this to say that who knows what really happened, I really don’t recall Aaliyah’s parents or family for that matter really making a big uproar about it publicly ( please correct me if I’m wrong) and now there are rumors circulating that the Haughton’s (Aaliyah’s family) owns R Kelly’s publishing rights ( is this true?) if so ; then you really have to ask yourself what was going on. It all just seems so sordid and sleazy.

    If you’re going to tell it then you got to tell it all, the old saying goes a half truth is a whole lie; and therein rests the problem for me with “Surviving R Kelly”. If we’re going to be blunt and brutally honest all of these women saw R Kelly as their ticket out of poverty and an average life, and that’s a hard calculation to make, and if you’ve made that the calculus for your life its hard for me to see you as a victim. You subjected yourself, you leveraged your body and sexuality to R Kelly in pursuit of your toxic ambition and when you do that you erase your victimhood status. Then we have the whole fake morality of it all. Look, I have no real problem with cancelling R Kelly I wasn’t a huge fan anyway but if morality is the argument, don’t we also have to cancel the people who may have been complicit in all his bad behavior (or anyone who may have done anything untoward towards a woman at this point since we seem to be elevating women as a protected class since the me too movement), what about Jay Z, Puff Daddy, Jermaine Dupri the list can go on and on and the silence does seem to be deafening amongst the heavy hitters in the industry.

  3. The documentary has been tough to watch so far. I do not like how many in the industry turned a blind eye to what he was doing. There are many people that are electing to remain silent that need to be speaking up.

  4. I’m sorry I feel different about the situation and I am siding with my opinion. Everyone is guilty in this case not just R kelly they all knew and did nothing about it and now they want to speak! I’m not canceling him because of this! Sorry not sorry! I’m not rallying behind the blacks who condemn him and say I am a black faggot. I’ll pass on the hate train. Those same girls were probably lusting after him just as much. How many gays our age been fucking older men! I’ll wait! No sympathy for me! Keep on playing R kelly over here

  5. Sorry to say this docu-series may be what is needed to banish him for good. The legal system failed during his trial because of his money and legal power, also society as a whole just doesn’t care what happens to black women and little girls. For his fanbase to see how many girls he hurt all these years may be the wake up call they need. The power of the media is it reaches those of us who don’t read books or newspapers (good luck finding a newspaper now). I had to take my mom to the hair salon this morning and you would be surprised how many of them birds didn’t know what R. was up to all these years. That crowd are his primary fan base and they need to be aware.

  6. In truth he shouldve been outta here when the whole child porn case came up. But somehow he got away with that. Khia did a live stream of the book one of his victims wrote and she said he has people who dabble in magic around him. I believe it word for word. I encourage everyone to watch her live stream reading of this book!

    But tbh it feels like this happens every few years. They bring up what hes doing and nothing is done about it. ……

  7. I.SEE.NO.LIES!!!!!!!

    Here in Chicago is the absolute worst. He’s like the city’s banner musically, so a lot of people are finding it hard to let him (and Kanye) go.

  8. SPOT ON…I think he plays in the dog house so he won’t do time like fellow ,American Dad Bill Cosby……

  9. I blame black ppl too because it’s seems like our race so strong about supporting his music that they don’t even care how serious the situation is.. I feel like the series put everything that has already been out in one place where everybody can actually see and hear for themselves.. I hope somehow he gets caught slipping now or like they set him up because I’m sure he still does it but just is more secure about it

    1. ^folks will turn a blind eye if they’re a fav of someone.
      his fans are those old school and probably set in their ways.
      he already was allegedly on tape.
      he won’t be going anywhere.

    2. You saw in the documentary, people at his trial and at his concerts, they dismissed the accusations. One lady said I’m just here for his music. I wanted to say to her, Umm…did you ever think those lyrics could be about the underage girls he was dealing with allegedly?! Smh
      Others assault us people get up in arms. One of our own does it and excuses are made. Can’t have it both ways. We gotta do better.

  10. Your assessment is accurate. The documentary is like a behind the scenes of R. Kelly stories you always heard of and felt like they were true.

    1. ^which will probably do nothing.
      black folks only like outrage and the scandal of it all.
      bill cosby was hauled off to jail because snow vixens were involved.

      1. Malcolm X once said, “The most disrespected woman in America, is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the Black woman.” It’s shameful that if R. Kelly did even a fraction of the shit he did to these children, to whites then he probably would have been murdered in prison by now.

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