stop getting emotional over these assholes

this is probably going to be a controversial statement,
but i’m gonna font it anyway.
i think that some folks out here need to…

Stop attaching their emotions to others

…especially the gay community.
all communities?
all that energy only creates more energy for the other person.
so you’re actually doing a disservice.
i’ve been noticing this with the whole kevin hart situation

kevin hart started out as a vile lowkey jackal.
in my eyes.
i was not a fan of how he treated his ex wife/baby’s mother,
it looked like once he got put on,
and he met the “light skin/long hair” exxxotical,
he was so nasty to the who held him down when he was a nobody.
they would flaunt their new relationship in such a spiteful way on social media.
i definitely wasn’t feeling the alleged foul tweets about black vixens either.
he said he would never wear a dress:


but not even a year later on snl:

That was the start of many other side eyes for me

so from all of that,
i figured out who he was.
i’m not pulling out a sign to march in front of his crib.
tf is that gonna do?
he has a legion of straights and gays who love him.
same as r. kelly and trump.
they been massive protests over trump and he’s still there.
they all feed off that energy  and it only makes them stronger.
 if you don’t like what folks do then you need to cancel them.

turn off their shows
don’t read their tweets
block their social media

it’s really that easy.
this is the first time i’ve seen kevin hart in a long time.
i don’t really follow him,
and because of that,
he isn’t in my radar.
i don’t give him that much emotions or energy.
i’m sure he doesn’t give af.
he only rose back into my bubble because of the oscar situation.
other than that,
if i’m done with you…

i think other gays should follow suit.
stop getting emotional over hyenas and jackals.
this goes for:


it will never get any better with them.
forcing them to “do the right thing” only creates fake shit.
i need to know exactly where the enemy stands.
there are plenty of others YOU can support.
find them.

lowkey: and stop getting emotional over who others chose to support.
what they eat don’t make you shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “stop getting emotional over these assholes”

  1. I don’t think it’s even really about Kevin Hart. I think people are tired of people saying/ doing wrong, being arrogant about not apologizing for saying/doing wrong and then being rewarded with countless opportunities despite saying/doing wrong. Hence R. Kelly and Trump being called out. I think we as a society have had enough of being silent. It’s not a waste of emotional energy it’s using that energy to check people for their wrongs

  2. Amen Jamari, I am getting this same attitude for 2019. “F” em, I am tired. I dont see Kevin Hart at all, never thought he was funny or his side kick Tiffany Haddish. I dont ever have to see them and I will be just fine. No words on that orange piece of shit that is Trump. I have the same thoughts for some friends and family, just like these celebrities, these type of people are toxic and draining and could care less about others feelings, it is all about them. You just have to let the Universe take care of them.

  3. I literally told someone this the other day and they stop speaking to me and then just yesterday they said I was right and apologized. People care too much about what others think of them. You can be the nicest most generous person in the world and people will still hate you for just living and smiling. All you can do is just live yo. That’s it. Just live. If there is something on of a person Im not a fan of I just see what else is on or turn it off. If someone isn’t a fan of me I just go about my life. Everyone is not going to like you for whatever reason and vice vera. The best thing to do is just live your life.

  4. So when is it okay to be “emotional “ over an issue?

    Is it okay to get “emotional” when a white woman calls the police on black people at a barbecue?

    Is it okay to get “emotional” when a mentally ill white gay man attacks a black woman at McDonalds?

    If I’m reading this wrong I apologize. Be the tenor of this blog entry seems to say Black Gay People should stay silent on homophobia within the black community while continually getting “emotional” over every instance of race that goes viral. Sorry, I’m not down for that!

    1. ^comparing innocent black people getting possibly attacked and killed is a whole nother level to kevin hart,
      whom the entry was based on.

      last i saw,
      kevin hart didn’t physically attack anyone who was gay.
      he tweeted a reckless homophobic tweet about his child that was offensive.
      if you felt the tweet was that horrendous,
      you could have called cps to have them look into his household.
      other than that,
      you chose not to support his endeavors any further.
      i’m not giving emotions to kevin hart.
      i’ll save my emotions to black and gays who are physically attacked/killed for being who they are.

      is that okay with you blk?
      you seem to be very emotional over what i fonted.

      if we want to take it a step further,
      he apologized.
      so what more do we want from him?
      for him to be an advocate for gay males?
      that’s never going to happen.

      1. (Off topic)


        I’m not sure I like your new and improved “attitude”. I’ve been reading your blog for 2 years now and I’ve watched your roller coaster go up and down. At first, I was sadden for you. I was like yikes, this guy is always giving 110 percent and gets screwed a lot! But then … I’ve also watched your “behavior and patterns”.. you need to refocus and restratergize. You have a very draining spirit about you .

        You have an amazing platform here. I want you to win! But I see why advertisements isn’t going so well for you . This blog is sort of all over the place. I fell in love reading your advice to readers and felt this was a really cool space to talk about great topics with mature folks who are able to communicate.

        Anyway, this message is sent with love.

        (On topic)

        Kevin’s arrogance is going to be his downfall. Hollywood elects 1 black comedian every ten years to lead the pack. His time is limited.

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