did we all hit an emotional wall at the same time? (gadzooks!)

this week,
i hit a wall emotionally.
it started last week and carried on to this week.

Is my wolf of interest still interested?
Friends suddenly acting shady
Chadwicks’ sudden death
Black lives not mattering to police
The RNC not giving hope

Feeling alone

i’ve been trying to find answers to things and it has left me baffled.
i’m a natural investigator so i want to know shit.
i need answers or closure.
i have been feeling sad and down in the dumps tbh.
the crazy part?…

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from hoarding to happy: my day of cleaning up shit

i spent the entire day cleaning up the joint.
it was a basic apartment cleaning to throwing out a ton of shit.
i had clothes in laundry bags for the last 3 months.
i didn’t realize that i had so much shit.
so much of my old clothes were bagged up for the red cross.
skin and hair care products that i don’t use went down the trash chute.
as it was all sitting on my floor,
damn near taking up most of the space in my room,
i came to realize something about myself.

I’m a low-key hoarder


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stop getting emotional over these assholes

this is probably going to be a controversial statement,
but i’m gonna font it anyway.
i think that some folks out here need to…

Stop attaching their emotions to others

…especially the gay community.
all communities?
all that energy only creates more energy for the other person.
so you’re actually doing a disservice.
i’ve been noticing this with the whole kevin hart situation

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They Say Crazy Sex Is Better Anyway

tumblr_m8kkoeWmFB1rchkcjo1_500in this life,
we have three options:

find a potential
find a potential for right now
die alone

added: dressing nice and never trying to catch any diseases.
we encounter many wolves,
and hybrids.
some out.
some “straight”.
some curious.
its like we spend our days putting our lives to the side for “someone”.
it can leave many of us emotionally drained,
and not feeling worth anything.
in looking back in my life,
i can see i have always chased wolves.
i wanted this big bad wolf to be the cure of what i’m lacking within.
many times,
in the feelings of frustration and loneliness,
i have felt half crazy.
asking myself what the hell am i even doing this for?
and will i be alone for the rest of my life?
i can see why many of “us” either go insane,
become unapologetic thots,
or go “straight” and live a lie for companionship.
i had to wonder…

Can this life make you crazy?

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I Turned Him Out With Good Food, Good Sex, Good Talk… and He Bought Me A House.

do you know when you are looking like an idiot?
i mean, we all know at some point when we are fucking up.
we let someone in our lives and that person becomes our “all”,
we lose our focus and end up in a very dark place.
we stop calling our friends.
family becomes pushed to the side.
everything becomes about “him”.
we start being him.
we start to lose ourselves.
we don’t even realize he is trying to play us.
you think you are doing good,
but this mofo was the worst thing to come in your life.
do you really know when you have completely gone from “doing well“…
to “damn homie! you was the man homie…!”?
i started to wonder…

Can some dick/cheeks really be bad for you?

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In Memorial Of The Social Life I Use To Have

Straight up, this weekend has been a disaster.

I have NEVER been home like this for a Memorial Day weekend.
It was either cookouts, work (when I did retail), or meeting up with some Wolf.
This year was PAINFULLY different.
It started out with some things to do but it ended with the usual mix of loneliness and depression.

Why oh why oh why…

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