did we all hit an emotional wall at the same time? (gadzooks!)

this week,
i hit a wall emotionally.
it started last week and carried on to this week.

Is my wolf of interest still interested?
Friends suddenly acting shady
Chadwicks’ sudden death
Black lives not mattering to police
The RNC not giving hope

Feeling alone

i’ve been trying to find answers to things and it has left me baffled.
i’m a natural investigator so i want to know shit.
i need answers or closure.
i have been feeling sad and down in the dumps tbh.
the crazy part?…

So many of you are feeling like you hit an emotional wall as well

is it the planets?
are the chosen ones being tested?
did satan stir his cauldron from the pits of hell?

WTF is going on that has the energy so off?

since we can’t get any answers,
ima hand you something that i learned from beyonce.

we gonna throw all our issues in this box.
we gon’ seal it up and imagine giving it to God and The Universe.
once we give it,
we can’t obsess over the issues any longer.
we are trusting that it will be taken care of.
unshakeable faith that the best possible outcome will be presented,
and even if it isn’t,
we will accept and grieve so we can move forward.
i’m tired foxhole.
i don’t want to be down anymore.
i’m sure you don’t either.
so ima hand you the packing tape and when you’re ready…

you’ll know what to do.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “did we all hit an emotional wall at the same time? (gadzooks!)”

  1. Man I lost a relationship with a dude that I had all intentions of marrying down the road, doctors gave my dad has only a week as he’s not taking in food or liquids, and I am just in a state of confusion right now. The scary part is that I looked up my long term astrological aspects and it’s a strong probability that he will pass. It’s some truth to this astro stuff but yes everybody is in emotional pain right now.

    1. ^one of my best home vixens legit called me yesterday telling me about her relationship.
      today she hit me up to tell me he was cheating and they broke up.

      it’s like you can’t make this shit up.
      i’m sorry for all that is happening with you.
      sending you healing energy.
      listen to theta waves on youtube on a mid volume.
      it really helped me earlier.

    2. Spend as much time with him as you can. Call him if you can. Have you thought of trying an experimental trial if the prognosis is so discouraging?

  2. People have been pissing me off, but I will survive. I am cherishing everyone that matters. I feel like the world’s ending so not much phases me at this point. My biggest regret has been not checking in with people, so do it while you still can.

    1. Much appreciated. He is in the next town over from Kenosha and I have to go through there to get to him and I am legitimate scared. I feel like the universe is testing us for real. Something is about to break apart.

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