break down my walls and scam all over me

social media ain’t real.
you can’t really trust all that you see on your social media feeds.
some of it is legit; others is just cute bedtime stories.
stories like the following really destroy my perception of those who need help.
i legit cried for this landlord when i watched his story:

i felt his pain because i couldn’t believe someone could be so evil.
we in a pandemic and it’s hard out here.
well guess what?…

this flew down my twitter timeline last night:

this jackal done raised 40k off a gofundme for this alleged scam:

with receipts from the alleged tenant:

when my ex co-workers donated close over 1k after i got terminated from my last job…

I STILL have a majority of that money

i did take 300 for groceries when the pandemic first hit because i was struggling hard,
but i kept the money for emergency purposes only.
it would be fucked up if i used that money to buy sneakers or a few outfits.
that money was to help me in case i can’t pay rent.
that’s what it’s gonna be used for.
i was raised different tho.

if that landlord is lying,
that is really fucked up he used people’s empathy against them.
he needs to be publicly shamed.
i don’t understand why jackals do shit like this.

What’s done in the dark definitely comes to light eventually.

4 thoughts on “break down my walls and scam all over me

  1. Y’all know his trifling ass wouldn’t have had an iota of the same energy for white folks as he had for that black mother, right?

    Black folks that talk that “helpin’ a bruth/sista out” BS are the main ones trying to screw over other black folks. Hell, that’s the reason why they are trying to “help” your black ass…they know your going to let your guard down and common sense fly out the window because its your people. You don’t expect them to do you dirty.

    I’ma need black folks to ktse with other black folks that do them wrong and vice versa. The lack of ktse is why it has been about a decade and we still ain’t got that school Umar Johnson promised us.

    If she can, sue the fuck out of his ass, sis!

    1. I’ma need black folks to ktse with other black folks that do them wrong like they do for whites and vice versa.*

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