you scammin’ on onlyfans, you bouts tah be off dat (c-ya!)

blame the bella throne for this or…

…Should we applaud her?

you know she rolled up on onlyfans and scammed all those hungry white wolves.
she was out here claiming she was gonna be naked,
but pulled the “gotcha” on her million subs.
( x read story here )

eye roll.
sounds like some trendy feminist bullshit to me.
well because of her,
onlyfans is changed it’s rules for the scammers out here…

In light of the Bella Thorne chargeback fiasco, OnlyFans released a new feature, which will let you know if your account has any chargebacks, what they are, and your overall chargeback ratio.

You’ll find this feature by logging into your OnlyFans account, clicking statements, and then selecting “DISPUTES”, which is located towards the bottom (on the left), or by going directly to

If your chargeback ratio gets too high you are likely to lose your account. This is common for all content and even webcam platforms. Anyone with a high rate of chargebacks with any of them are at risk of losing their accounts.

While some chargebacks are inevitable if you want to ensure you don’t get too many make sure you update your profile often and you do what you say you are going to do. The main goal is to give fans what they are paying for. If you promise to send them a video clip in exchange for a tip, actually send it to them.

gooooooooood job onlyfans.
it’s about time ya’ll get these scam artists outta here.
if you say you gonna deliver the meats

No reason why you charging people to watch you work out.

nah homie.
this is a good move for onlyfans.

I think they should put a time limit on exclusive content

anything under 5 minutes is not “exclusive”.
folks gotta give their audience what they pay for.
we in a recession.
ain’t no one got time for the games.
it’s too many dusties on there trying to get over.

article cc: mike south

12 thoughts on “you scammin’ on onlyfans, you bouts tah be off dat (c-ya!)

  1. People been scamming on only fans way before bella yet she happened to be Mainstream dragged on social media because she is a celebrity.

    This move by them just solidifies that the platform prioritize or is exclusively about adult content.

    Nobody was scammed by Bella, people were dumb enough to believe a celebrity like her would’ve done something like that. Please.

    All this economical madness and these are people’s priorities? Chile, I mean…

    In the end Only Fans scammed everyone involved cause they’re the ones who really cashed out of this. They did Bella dirty too.

  2. Bella should’ve been banned – anyone else would’ve been removed from OF. So good on them, but still – treat everyone the same, regardless of ‘status.’

    She fvcked up the game for a lot of people – that depend on OF to pay rent. Her crocodile tears are dust.

  3. People need to stop being so thirsty. Onlyfans means content for fans, it doesn’t have to be sexual in nature. They pay their money to see content but then complain about the content. Research before they subscribe to someone.

    1. You’re right, but when people tease/promise nudity and don’t provide it (like Bella did), it’s a scam, and they rightfully should get their money back. Cardi and others have been upfront that their OF are not about nudity – which is good.

  4. Don’t know why people are using her as the scapegoat for the new changes. People having been complaining about the scamming and lies well before her, so the changes were gonna happen regardless. Main reason why I won’t be subscribing to any of this shit.

    I 100% agree with the comment above saying they need to start adding reviews or at least give a preview of the content. But hopefully this will teach niggas to stop being so thirsty.

    1. ^i can see a number of gay jackals complaining “just because”.
      this is gonna be interesting turn of events for some of these pages.
      they better lower these prices and start dishing out quality content.

      the foxhole will have all the drama covered.

  5. Onlyfans needs to have ratings and reviews for all accounts the way the app store has for apps. Too many scammers promising so much and just post their IG photos. They also need to have previews.

    1. That would ruin their business model though. They profit so much off of people uploading 45 second videos asking for more money to see the rest. They profit off of thirst getting people to pay for a subpar product . Heck if the company cared about quality the videos on the site wouldn’t have to buffer 15 seconds in.

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