something you did made him not fuck with you?


You ever meet a guy and he is everything?

he was everything to you.
i mean,
he could be the popular kid or the dweeb who sits at the front of the class.
there is no explanation as to why you feel drawn to him.
it’s almost like he’s a magnet.
you think about him a lot.
anytime you go to jack off,
or have sex with someone else,
he stays on your mind.
the only issue is…

Every time you want to get to know him better,
he pushes himself away.

what did you do to offend him?
probably nothing.
i mean,
it’s weird because you’re pretty amazing.
other dudes you have encountered,
whether straight or gay,
have no issues with you.
this particular male tho…
he avoids you like you went out here and hurt his feelings.
in a past life,
his mama was a butterfly and you pulled her wings off.
his daddy was an innocent slave that you got beat by massa.

it’s like wtf?
  you keep trying to figure out what you done did.

“Is it me?”
“Am I a horrible person?”
“Maybe my breath be stinkin…”

maybe they pick up you’re gay and they hate all things gay.
we have all encountered this type of person before.
for some,
it can even be a girl.
often times,
we don’t realize we have done it to others too.
if your self esteem ain’t at peak capacity,
you start closing yourself off because it makes you feel like you are the issue.
shit like this can make you start questioning yourself.

Why is it that this type doesn’t fuck with you?

when you figure out what the issue is then lemme know.

lowkey: everything isn’t always about you,
but you gotta ask yourself…

You’re not messy.
You’re not extra.
You’re not a sex offender (or are you?)

so why are they treating you as such?

14 thoughts on “something you did made him not fuck with you?

  1. Personally speaking, whenever I pushed someone away in this scenario it was because I liked them and did it as a defense mechanism for doubting myself and thinking I’m not good enough or that they wouldn’t want me back.

  2. So many gay dudes come at dudes they like and are attracted too not ever thinking that these dudes may already be partnered up, may have no attraction to you because you are not their type. Sometimes we just assume because we like someone they are automatically attracted to us like we are too them and that can be further from the truth. I have had to learn the hard way on social media being nice to dudes thanking them for compliments only for them to run with the idea that I like them and want to get to know them. Many times these dudes get downright nasty and angry when you dont return the feelings they have. Even if you tell many of them you have a dude, they will not stop trying because in many of these dudes minds they are going to make you like them because they have such a strong attraction to you. It is hard not to turn into an asshole out here in these Streetz but sometimes that is the only card left to play to make some dudes get the message and speaking from my own experiences, sometimes if you ignore them they come at you harder.

    1. Many times these dudes get downright nasty and angry when you dont return the feelings they have.

      This, this, this, THIS!

  3. Men pull away to protect from getting hurt. Little boys do it for weeks/months/YEARS and expect you to be waiting when they figure their feelings out. Real men SAY they need to figure it out before leaving.

    I think it’s best to show all of your cards. I tried to be what I thought guys wanted and they’d still leave. So when I just said “if he can’t accept this..he would have found out anyway”. So I let it all hang out and I’m not for everybody, but there is someone who goes: “Okay. This is you. And? I’m feeling it” and that’s when the fun begins. I never understood bottoms going out to dinner and eating a salad. If you don’t EAT. If he is relationship material he won’t take you out for food or expect it the first date night!

    Better to run him off earlier than to hide who you are and have him leave a few months in, I say. Be you and wait until someone vibes with it.

    1. I stopped being impressionable right after I realized that people were filtering themselves to fit the pattern. At the end of the day it’s best to be yourself because it’s saves a lot of headache, time, and words — especially when you know who/what you want.

  4. I think this is why when I go into dating I always feel like it’s my fault that I’m not making the connections that I wanted to make. I’ll find great friends somehow but never anybody worth or willing to date.

  5. Sometimes, when Wolves are really attracted to us and they don’t want us to know, this is a protective response they give off. So, don’t take it personal, Kitten. 👑💜✨

    1. That’s exactly right. The guys i like I stand away from . Guys I’m not attracted to, I speak to frequently.

      I had a guy tell my friend he didn’t like me because I wasn’t “the type of gay he likes”

      He was “straight”
      And used to love to kick it with a flamboyant overtly gay guy at school. But the older I got I realized he wanted a mascot. He liked the loud, cunt gay boys because he thought it was something to laugh at.

      1. That dude sounded like a complete idiot and retard. I don’t have the energy to waste on discordant spirits.

  6. Story of my life!

    Lowkey resounded loudly when you said we do it to others too. Never even considered that.

    1. ^its so bizarre but i try to show love to everyone.
      even if i’m not attracted to someone,
      i’ve been cool with them.
      there are dudes who are on me but i still keep it cordial.

      1. I think some people assume if they are too nice it will be interpreted as romantic interests. Better to be aloof than to be put in uncomfortable situations.

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