alone on labor day weekend

“Can you enjoy your own company?”

that was the question in a video i saw over the weekend.
so i spent 90% of my entire labor day weekend in the crib.
besides still being in a pandemic (or are we?),
the people i would spend this weekend with left new yawk.
the other set are down in brooklyn and i’m not taking the mta right now.
so it left me home,
as i’ve spent many days alone since march.
this is the last day of summer and being perfectly honest…

This summer was a wash.

let’s thank the rona for that.
i avoided my social media because i didn’t want to add unwanted FOMO.
thing is tho,
i have to realize that i’m blessed.
even though i’m unemployed,
there are many who are struggling to pay rent or facing eviction.
some have even lost members of their families and circles to the rona.

the weekend wasn’t all that bad for me tho.
i started cleaning my apartment and threw out a ton of old shit.
i swear i’m a lowkey hoarder.
why did i have old mail,
business cards,
and other shit from like 2007?

the dunkin’ donuts i had sunday had me feeling sick af,
but i recovered today and started on the monster that is my room.
finally took the clothes out the bags from my visit to the laundry months ago.
the amount of clothes i got rid of is insane.
in doing all of this,
the energy in my apartment shifted entirely once i removed things that no longer served.
not to mention i watched some good tv while i was at it.

so i spent the weekend enjoying my own company and ya know what foxhole?
it wasn’t all that bad.
these holidays tend to be just moments in our lives.
i’m hoping next year is much different tho.

i hope you all had a happy and safe labor day weekend.

1 thought on “alone on labor day weekend

  1. I turned my phone off. The BS is nonstop so a few days without it won’t change much. I watched some good movies and TV with the people I care about. I admit When I did turn my phone on, things got interesting, but stepping away is what made me appreciate it. I’m into gay series on Youtube. So many hidden gems that get canceled and should make it to TV. And I don’t mean porn with a story line like some channels haha

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