can we have a conversation about p-valley, powerbook 2: ghost, and lovecraft country? please?

since some in my gaming group has pretty much started acting funny,
i’ve gotten into doing more reading and watching tv.
sometimes folks fucked up behavior pushes you to do other shit.
i didn’t do any reading over the weekend,
so i caught up on a few shows and well…

i’m so depressed “p-valley” has ended for this season.
like 8 episodes?
that being fonted:


that is how you end a show for the season.
it was well written,
all the main characters had shit go down until the end,
and there was so much going on.
there was a point my head was literally in the tv.
that is how engrossed in this programming.
uncle clifford


i don’t believe no fairy tales any dl wolf tells me.
oh and:


i was riding for her up until.
“p-valley” will be back 2021 on starz depending on if the rona is still touring.

i won’t lie to ya’ll,
the “power” was out during it’s last couple seasons for that show.
when i heard tariq would carry the spinoff,
powerbook 2: ghost“,
i did the:

he and tasha are the most annoying characters on that show.
when i heard she would joining too,
even tho i love naturi naughton,
i let out a shriek to the heavens.
i went into watching the show with low expectations but frfr:

I was into that first episode HEAVY.

the thing about the show is it centers around other characters than tariq and tasha.
tasha still being a dumb ass,
but she has a point to be connected to tariq’s story line.
mary j is playing a boss mama bitch and meth (and those biceps) is a lawyer trying to help tasha.
i like how all the story lines are connected (or will be as the show develops).
my lustful eye is on zeke the pre-baller wolf (played by daniel lee bellomy):


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II: Follow thru

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andcaneplayed by woody mcclain:

…who always plays these bad boy roles so well.
they both had sex scenes and you know the “power” comes with the hoodlum sex.
although i’m good on any sex scenes with tariq.
he looks a good 13.
i’ll be tuned in every week tho.
powerbook 2: ghost” comes on every sunday at 8pm on starz.

do i even need to font about my slight obsession with hbo’s “lovecraft country“.
every week,
i’ve been continuously blown away.
this week’s episode,
history of violence“,
was uploaded early on friday.
it gave me “indiana jones and the hidden temple” vibes.
like “p-valley”,
this episode had me on the edge of my seat as well.

That part with the wooden bridge in that cave?
And the booby trap?

Uh huh…

it was like i was watching a big budget movie.
every actor on this show needs an award.
 jonathan major’s biceps need an award too.

look at that vein.
Jesus Christ have mercy on my loins.
“lovecraft country” comes on every sunday at 9pm on hbo.

i was so into these shows this week,
ima watch them again.
i know i missed a ton of shit the first go round.
i might even stream the whole season of “p-valley” again.
i’m already having withdrawals.

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7 thoughts on “can we have a conversation about p-valley, powerbook 2: ghost, and lovecraft country? please?”

  1. I haven’t seen (but am anxious to) P-Valley yet, never got into Power after Omari Hardwick allegedly made disparaging remarks about gay men/HIV, but LOVECRAFT COUNTRY has my WHOLE attention. Every episode keeps getting better and I love the way the various characters connect! I was talking to a friend about episode 4 and I was like “this is some Raiders of the Lost Ark” shit (in a good way). I can’t wait to see how the spell the white dude puts on Ruby works out. With all the critical acclaim, I feel like people are sleeping on the show so I’m glad you talk about it…


      i think the white dude was the chick in disguise.
      she is gonna use ruby for evil.
      i hated how easy it was for her to get into bed,
      but being vulnerable will do that to you.

      omari talks too much.
      that is his biggest issue.
      he isn’t on the show tho.

  2. I fucking loved every minute of p-valley. I felt bad for Mercedes, her mom basically groomed her into thottin at an early age but when the mom got in a higher position at her church she started treating her like crap unless she was putting her “booty club” money into the church and then stole said money to get her own church knowing that money was to start Mercedes gym so she can make money to get custody of her child.Mississippi was just stupid like how you gone pull a gun on diamond trying to protect your abuser from getting his ass whooped knowing you been showing up to work with bruises from fights with him having your coworkers concerned for your airhead ass. Lil Murda did Uncle Cliff dirty as fuck too, he the one that wanted to be out in the open lovin on him, but wanted To hide who he really is when it came to his music career, which wasn’t really gonna go anywhere if it want for Mississippi’s video goin viral. And Haley/Autumns development was okay, but she was not smooth with them money transfers at all.

  3. I love P Valley but I gotta catch up! I also need to get into Power II. I heard they have the lawyer lady the Olivia Pope special lol. I need to get into Lovecraft also.

  4. Lovecraft is so fuckin’ good this is similar to how I felt during watchmen the series. Every episode is amazing and nothing has felt like filler, Yet.

    (Jonathan major is looking real good I hope we get more scenes with the cheeks out and proud)

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