the sexual tension that is tanksnlove and malik joseph

tanksnlove aka “triumphant_edge” doesn’t like me or the foxhole.
i sent a majority of support when he first started out,
but like others,
he allegedly went on a radio show with the full slander.
i heard porn star mustang who is close with him hates me too.
it comes with the territory of being a blogger.
i wish them both well.
either way,
he has an interesting relationship with malik joseph.

first it was simply jackin’ off with them.
now on their onlyfans



i wish i could be this comfortable with some of my straight male crushes.
i’d be at some cribs lickety split.

the sexual tension between these two is thick.
they should fuck and get it over with.

lowkey: tankslove could stand for a haircut.
he looks sexier with the fade.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “the sexual tension that is tanksnlove and malik joseph”

  1. These so-called “str8” muscle dudes here are sexually fluid they want us gay men to rim they asshole out and suck theirs dicks and fuck us i’m starting to notice that with a bunch a these muscle dudes Who claim to be straight this defense to claim the LGBT folks are sexually fluid but not straight people which that’s a total lie straight people have been sexually fluid before sexual fluidity was a trend if you have sex with another man that me you gay no matter if you king paid or not I know his DM’s is going to be filled with dick pics

  2. Ever since he did drugs and desperately looking for a plug, he has gotten less sexier and him hooking up with this disease infested fool, it has been a turnoff. Of all the gays, he hook up with him? Chile bye! He use to be a big ass homophobic and go on a homophobic rant if a gay person would question his sexuality.

  3. I’m sorry but I’m still on the stance of “it’s for money” seeing a man do “gay” things so that he can keep subscribers does NOT excite me, if you paid me some money I’d mess around with some of my pretty homegirls, but that does NOT make me straight! It’s not where my passion is, once the camera is off I’m NOT going to be seeking women, I get the same vibe from ole boy, GAY audiences pay more, women don’t pay for porn like men do, So I know all this shit is just for the gay dollar, but that man is not living a “gay” life once that camera is off

  4. Oh please they already fucked tanks no he gay I’m over the bi shit that word is a cover thats all I mean you a man so you act gay for Pay not

  5. He’s homophobic with all them supersized dildos he be plunging balls deep inside him? Lol ok. Like so many of the paint and sip niggas get a bi to dl vibe from him. He working hard for the gay dollar tho ain’t mad.

  6. Tank has gotten pegged by a bigger fake dick than the real one he’s putting in anybody else. He is bi or fluid or pansexual or queer, whatever term you want to use, at the least. That Malik was eating Tank’s @ss like he was tasting a ripe peach. Same dude was also going at Lamont’s (LMG) box too. Ain’t none of ’em straight. Too bad they’re not ready to own it.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if all three of em in a threesome by the end of the year. Heck might be just two of em without Malik flip flopping. Only fans is true hilarity.

  7. Smh, we are still entertaining this G4P nonsense??? In the words of Miss Juicy, “can you come up with something else?! Can you come up with something else?!” Cause this so passed its expiration date…

  8. Why are we debating this. G4P is fake. As long as they’re making straight porn still there’s no excuse. Some folks love it all. Tank my friend you love it all. Play gay without the label? Not today.

  9. 🤓🤓🤓 Jamari… Who said they haven’t fucked 🤣🤣🤣 things done OFF camera Is what the paying public need to see 🤣🤓🤓💪🍆💦

  10. They been fucking, this is just the first time they are showing the public. Next video they release will be a three some like daddy yoga and that other guy.

  11. As they say, “You hang out in barbershop long enough, eventually you’re gonna get a haircut…”

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