something you did made him not fuck with you?


You ever meet a guy and he is everything?

he was everything to you.
i mean,
he could be the popular kid or the dweeb who sits at the front of the class.
there is no explanation as to why you feel drawn to him.
it’s almost like he’s a magnet.
you think about him a lot.
anytime you go to jack off,
or have sex with someone else,
he stays on your mind.
the only issue is…

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foxswagg: Around Your Waist

tumblr_inline_n47me93iyd1qzrwfeit seems the 90s are coming back heavy when it comes fashion.
one of the styles that picked up last year in new yawk,

and seems to still be going strong,
is tying a plaid shirt around your waist.
it helps add a little extra “umph” to your fit.
tie it wrong tho,
and it can look extremely frumpy.
so here are some ideas for the foxhole to try…

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Now He Is Somewhere Getting His Butt Cheeks To’ Up.

everyone meet precious:

935440_10151317529595736_1505393780_nreal name gabourey sidibe.
well she says every vixen has dated a gay guy.
even her!…

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i like pretty guys.
maybe that’s why a nice face is also important to me.
so i often wondered if you all do the same?
what do you think of this one here….

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Is He Wasting His Talent?

I hope this one here is a model (WITH A PORTFOLIO)….
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This gentleman was fired from my job today.

I know this is not my usual but I thought I would flip it today….
A little personal….

I don’t know why it effected me the way it did.
It wasn’t me but it was someone else.
Maybe it let me know that our jobs are not guaranteed.
Or, it let me know that people are cruel and heartless….

Either way it is still FUCKED UP…

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