i like pretty guys.
maybe that’s why a nice face is also important to me.
so i often wondered if you all do the same?
what do you think of this one here….


21 thoughts on “LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: (41)

  1. No I would not!!! What’s with the ‘eyebrows’ and the ‘lip gloss’, not to mention gthe pout – nope, moving swiftly onwards.

  2. The eyebrows plus the eyelashes are too much. It makes him pretty versus handsome. But yeah, A DL dude would go for him because he’ll remind him of a woman – but probably not enough to arouse suspicion.

  3. If this dude trimmed his facial hair, I would swear he did drag, he has a very feminine face, but he is attractive, those eyebrows and eyelashes are very lady like. Im gone pass on this one.

  4. pop quiz…

    do you think wolves on the d/l like these types?
    i notice more wolves who are d.l heavy are into these type of foxes…
    …rather than wolves who have been in the game for a while.

    the queen who wears the make up and is all around realllllly pretty in the face gets the d.l wolf.

    1. Wolves on the DL probably prefer anything that moves since most of them are into just sex when it comes to guys..

  5. I’m really not feeling his face at all. He has a nice caramel complexion which means he’ll likely be fine even if he didn’t wear makeup. I don’t think any man of any complexion should wear make up, period.

    S/N:I don’t know why guys are too caught up on looks anyway . I used to be that way but I’m not anymore. I can’t lie I’m an above average looking guy(everybody used to know it but me lol), but I’m not one to brag and set my standards so high when it comes to finding a partner. The point is above average dudes should be open to dating someone who doesn’t look just as good as they do being that most dudes are average anyway, and the fact that they aren’t many men in this lifestyle.

  6. Don’t really like pretty dudes like homey above. And the too-arched eyebrows (hey if you have a unibrow its okay to trim), eyeliner and lip gloss just says fussy thug queen. There is nothing like a clean cut, good smelling black man who keeps his body in shape (no he doesn’t have to be a muscle queen) and has good teeth and fresh breath, neatly trimmed nails, a decent haircut or shaved and clean clothes (and they don’t have to be designer). Just an ordinary guy who doesn’t have to be Adonis.

  7. I would lay down some rubber for him. I like pretty dudes too, to me its nice to know that you have something others desire. I think that some people want dudes to look more rugged, I prefer mine to be cute as fuck but rugged is good too.

      1. He means that the dude has too much going on. He’s wearing eyeliner and plus he looks like he gets his eyebrows done. Men should look like men.

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