Is He Wasting His Talent?

I hope this one here is a model (WITH A PORTFOLIO)….

… and he isn’t just taking pictures because he is cute and wants followers.
Because I’d like to be riding THAT this winter!
And he would be in for a very GOOD ride Foxes.

I’m sure you all share my same sentiments.

Yes Mister “I Only Know You By Your Tats and Abs“…
I know…
I’ll be cummin Daddy… soon.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Is He Wasting His Talent?”

  1. Isn’t that the George dude Vain found (well, found his FB page)? Gotta admit, that last pic is kinda sexy. I wanna know who is taking these pictures & are they 7′ tall? lol

    He looks like he might get down…

  2. MMMmmmm.. Yes *kisses and licks screen* This Wolf is finger lickin good, and worth all the calories. I would kidnap and have all his babies, all eight of them. Tyron, Jaden, Jaleel, Lola, Stephanie, Richard, Christina, and George II. ROTFL!!

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