Lay That “Mmm Mmm Good” On Me

I cannot watch videos like this when I am at work…


I could not be a female R/B singer…
It would have been a penis stampede in my trailer.

“Which one do I sample first?”


I probably would have fucked Big Sean… first.
I need to see how my Foxtail  fits on those juicy lips of his.

… oh Kelly looks nice.
A little late with this song.
Kinda over it.
But keep us horny Kelly!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Lay That “Mmm Mmm Good” On Me”

  1. If heaven exists, i’d imagine video portrays what id like it to be like. Me a whole bunch of fine wolves to keep me occupied. Telling me how sexy, smart, cute, irresistible, i am. I’d spend eternity in a state of bliss

    Big Sean is fine as hell btw!

  2. This is one of those videos where you can say your watching Kelly, but really you’re checking out all the men (like ‘Super Bass’) lol

    What’s up with the elephant though?

  3. DAMN! I had to pause at 0:12 for a few minutes…really hott Video. This just reaffirms Kelly as my favorite member of DC and despite the fact that she has mad talent, great vocals, and fine as hell…this video will be voted on by the foxes and wolves just for all that testosterone in it.

  4. I’m sorry guys, but Big Sean is too tiny of a wolf for me. Like Idk what I would be able to do with him, plus idk he looks like he be a DL wolf that will never admit to loving foxtail. But like I always say, I allow the wolves to prove themselves..

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