This gentleman was fired from my job today.

I know this is not my usual but I thought I would flip it today….
A little personal….

I don’t know why it effected me the way it did.
It wasn’t me but it was someone else.
Maybe it let me know that our jobs are not guaranteed.
Or, it let me know that people are cruel and heartless….

Either way it is still FUCKED UP…

He was a good worker from what I saw BUT,
his job was taken by the friend of someone in HR
(in other words, someone was getting piped and got a position)

Even though he was there a month,
he was a cool dude.
Very friendly guy and wasn’t a slacker.
Just interested in getting the job done and trying to make a good impression within the company.

He cried when he was fired and even though I’m not a bitch, I felt for him.
He kept saying he didn’t know what he did wrong.
He started getting comfortable and was told he would ultimately be hired.
He has a family and this was a job he got after looking for such a long time.

Now he is back to square uno.

It made me think about life and love.
About how one minute things could be going so right but then,
with a twist of fate,
your head can be on the choppin’ block ready to land in a basket.

It is almost scary because you do not want to make one wrong move.
You start shuckin’ and jivin to make sure you aren’t next.
But sometimes, with fate, it could just be your time.
And then what?

I was on the train coming back to the crib and the only question was darting within my mental big screen:

Are we all not safe even when someone tells us we will be okay?

Dwell on that…

11 thoughts on “FIRED… and FUCKED.

  1. Im late but as learning that bad things happen to good people. Something inside still wants to believe in karma. In the back of my mind I feel the same way about my job, Im a sweet guy for the most part but I see alot of the interns trying to fuck our boss. He’s an attractive dude and I’m sure he’s fucking some of them setting them up at other places. Its weird and I’m preparing for the worse learning to be frugal.

      1. I was about to say I don’t know your email address, but then I looked up in the corner…*headslap* duh!

        Leave me alone; we all have our moments…

      1. If we ask Jamari reallllyyy nicely, he might post it…

        But it was on Twitter & a few blogs so it should be floating around somewhere…

  2. You’re right Vain. I’m still bothered by it because it was done so sneaky. Smiling in his face and then sending the new person to tell him he was fired. I was like, “WELL DAMN!” LOL

    I had to get a bottle of wine tonight to chase that dose of reality.

  3. Well first off: “even though Iā€™m not a bitch”… that came out of left field? You’re allowed to have feelings. It’s okay to sympathize for another human being. But yeah, that;s really how the work world operates right? Its not what you know… Plus, being a good person doesn’t always guarantee things will work out for you. We’d like to think it does because it makes us feel better. This is the part where someone chimes in and throws out those cliche phrases about open and closed doors or windows and something having to do with a light and a tunnel. And while that’s all well and good in the meantime… he has to figure out a way to support his family as well as maintain his sanity until he finds something else. Are we all not safe even when someone tells us we will be? Answer: Nope.

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