Role Play (alternate version)

“I hope Daddy likes all of this that I prepared for him…”

I shuffle around the kitchen because he is coming to the crib.
He has been on a lot of away game as of late and I barely get to see him.
Finally, I get to see my baby…. and his adult dick.
Ooooh how I missed that pipe.
I plan on putting it on him tonight.


I look myself over in the mirror real quick.
Shit I’m fly as hell.
He knows wassup.

I unlock the door and my eyes open wide…

“What the fuck!!!” I say out loud but my mouth
is quickly covered and I’m pushed back inside and onto the floor.
This is definitely NOT Daddy…

… but some other dude in an orange jump suit.
He has tattoos all over his muscular arms and his hair is pretty nappy.
I try to crawl away but he grabs me by my arms and pull me up.

“What is this???” Who are you???” I ask frantically.
“Shut the fuck up. You asking to many questions.” he replied, tightening the grip on my arms.

“He is pretty damn strong.” I say to myself, “I can’t even fight this nigga because he is way to big for me.”

He sits me down on the couch and walks around the room frantically.

“Look. I got money in my coat pocket. Just don’t hurt me.” I say, shaking.
“I don’t want your money. The police is looking for me.” He replied, peering out the window.

Even though I should be scared out my fucking mind,
I couldn’t help but stare at this nigga.
For a convict, he is handsome as hell.
When he had my arms in that mega grip,
I caught myself getting crazy hard.
His biceps were nice and big and his pecs looked so ripe in his…

… I need to stop this,
this man could slit my throat at any given second.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked.
“I don’t know…”
“My dude is about to be here soon so…”
“Who is this dude?”
“This nigga I’m fuckin’.”
“Oh you like niggas?”
“Are you fuckin him… or is he fuckin you?”
“He is fuckin me.”
“Oh so you like dick?’

I didn’t respond.
I’m having a conversation with a fucking criminal.
What I need to be doing is running out the fucking door.

“Answer me…”

He just stared at me. I was scared to look at him because I felt myself getting so hard. This is not supposed to be happening. I should be scared. Terrified even. This muthafucka could be a pyscho… but all I can think about is him fucking the living shit out of me.

Suddenly he pulls me off the couch and flips me around.
Is this when he slices my throat because I said I like dick inside me ever so often.

“I want to fuck you.”
“I want to stick this pipe in you.”
“Don’t make me take it from you.”
“You won’t get it without a fight.”

When I tried to pull away, he grabbed me and started shaking the shit out of me.
I tried to swing at him but he grabbed my arms and blocked my punches.
He threw me down on the couch and got on top of me.
He held me down by my arms and put his lips on my neck.
Damn… he was working his tongue in a circle on my spot too.
I tried to keep fighting but his grip was too strong.

“Help!” I yelled.
“Don’t fight nigga.”
“Fuck you!”

He pulled me onto the floor and ripped my sweats off me.
I tried to crawl away but he sat on top of my ass and held my arms behind me.

“You cleaned this ass nigga?’

I didn’t reply.
He slapped me on my ass.

“I asked if you cleaned this shit nigga?”
“YES.” I screamed.

He managed to strip out his jail suit all while holding me down.
He grabbed the baby oil I had sitting on the floor and oiled his dick up.

“Please. Don’t do this…” I cried.
“You know you want this.”
“I do… I mean, I don’t. I’m really scared and I do not want to do this…”

Secretly, I did but not like this.
He fingered me a little and then proceeded to slide his dick inside me.
I could feel how nice and thick it was.
He wrapped his arm around my neck and started slow stroking me as he tried to get it all in.
I screamed out in pain… but that good pain.

“Hold still.” He whispered in my ear.
“It hurts…”
“It’s going to feel better. Trust a nigga and relax these walls…”

He began to fuck the dog shit out of me.
I mean, I was trying to act like I didn’t like it but I was moaning my ass off.
I pounded my shit right into the ground.
All I could do was curl my toes and roll my eyes into the back of my head.
He was a professional pipe layer because he knew how to fuck my cakes RIGHT.
Daddy has that good dick… but this jail-bird convict nigga had that work.

He raised my ass up and started drilling into me on his toes.
He put his hands ontop of my shoulders and with a nice stroke,
let me have it ALL on this floor.
I lifted my legs up because it felt so so so good.
My toes looked like fucking curly fries at this point.

“Shit nigga I’m cummin.” He moaned.

I felt his legs stiffen as he held my head down onto the floor.
I felt a nice warm sensation land on my ass cheeks.

… and that was it.

He laid ontop of me for a good minute.
Breathing hard and sweat funky was the outcome of this taken cake beating.
He rolled off of me and exhaled.

Was it good?” I asked.
“Yeah nigga it was. You got good ass.”
“We gotta do this again.”

“Yeah. I like this role play shit.”
“I see… and next time, don’t grab me up so fuckin hard.”
“You know you liked that shit.”
“I sure did Daddy.”
“Let’s go another round. This shit turned me on.”

I think I created a monster….

Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 11.1.10 11:00pm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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      1. I got you…stores gotta get rid of their Halloween inventory; might need to get some cuffs & toys too…

  1. WAIT !!! ….. hold the presses !!!!! a review of the security video from the KFC on the corner by Jamari apartment shows Rockmond Dunbar leaving his building alittle after 3am …. inquiring minds want to know !!

  2. WAIT !!!!!! a review of the security video from the KFC around the corner from Jamari apt. shows Rockmond Dunbar leaving alittle after 3am ? So the real story!

  3. YngBlkWolf :

    I got you…stores gotta get rid of their Halloween inventory; might need to get some cuffs & toys too…

    Toys? Cuffs? You are speaking my language. Let me find out YBW is a freak….

    I won’t be disappointed, will I?

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