Sex So Good It Got You Suckin’ Ya Thumb

Kim-as-Samantha-Jones-samantha-jones-24117197-500-282i’m sure thats what even vixen is saying after they saw the following…

first of all,
i had to ask if this was even real?
this picture has been circulating on fb,
and one of the f-bi sent me the full story.
yup “no days off” even on the holiday.
so a vixen comes home and catches her man in bed…
*cues dramatic soap opera music*
i can’t…

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f0xswagg: Meggings and Kilts…. The New Jeans?

lil wayne and kanye west may have started something.
remember when wayne wore those leopard skin pants at the mtv awards one time?

or how about kanye and his kilt at the hurricane sandy benefit last week:
well apparently,
both are in style with vengeance

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This Hyena Decided To Scream His Way Out Of The Battle

Snow Hyena stole something twice from a Wolf,
Wolf wanted to beat hm like he stole something,
and the Snow Hyena screams all the way down the street…


Is this how we do it now?

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Role Play (alternate version)

“I hope Daddy likes all of this that I prepared for him…”

I shuffle around the kitchen because he is coming to the crib.
He has been on a lot of away game as of late and I barely get to see him.
Finally, I get to see my baby…. and his adult dick.
Ooooh how I missed that pipe.
I plan on putting it on him tonight.


I look myself over in the mirror real quick.
Shit I’m fly as hell.
He knows wassup.

I unlock the door and my eyes open wide…

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