f0xswagg: Meggings and Kilts…. The New Jeans?

lil wayne and kanye west may have started something.
remember when wayne wore those leopard skin pants at the mtv awards one time?

or how about kanye and his kilt at the hurricane sandy benefit last week:
well apparently,
both are in style with vengeance

check out meggings.

the newest in men’s pants.

After years of never-ending “leggings as pants” debate (are they suitable for work? Should your shirt cover your butt? Are jeggings more or less acceptable? Are they bad for you?), spandex pants as daywear are now being introduced to a new customer: men. Yes, the questionable bottoms are being stretched to new proportions as high-end designers like Givenchy and Prada as well as mass retailers like Uniqlo, Nike, and Urban Outfitters market leggings for male customers. We’ve seen ultra-secure guys like Lenny Kravitz, Brits like Russell Brand, and even young pop stars like Justin Bieber wear man leggings (meggings), but are everyday dudes really interested in stretch pants? Sure, guys were once resistant to tight, skinny jeans, but we can’t imagine actual meggings on the masses. We asked some male fashion editors to share their perspective on the new phenomenon.


i could NOT see myself wearing those pants.
just some things are not going on my body,
but according to various articles (and lil wayne),
they are in.
kilts aren’t really big yet,
but kanye, diddy, and vin diesel have have already shown their goods in kilts.
breezy wolf thinks they are out.
as in gay as hell.
he already had something to say about wolves wearing kilts:

so i had to ask…

Do meggings and kilts match your swagg?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “f0xswagg: Meggings and Kilts…. The New Jeans?”

  1. Hell.the.Fuck.naw.

    Leggings definitely no. Nobody you want to see in leggings wears them. It’s always a Liz Khalifa looking dude or chick with that shot on. Kilts, unless you are a gladiator or Scottish it’s a skirt.

    This trend will not catch on. Kanye looked ridiculous at that concert, but not as bad as A$AP Sticky and his $600 bag lady print dress. The white shoes made him look even more ridiculous. Smh. He reminded me of Serena Williams and I don’t like that.

  2. I don’t know if they match my style or not. I’m up for anything so I think I’d at least TRY it. They’re just clothes. Skirts were originally worn by men in the first place lol. and I know Chris Brown isn’t talking with that stud in his nose & ballroom dance moves x_x

  3. Chile……Chris Brown (nor Cam’ron) don’t room to talk about what’s gay….Wasn’t Chris the SAME one who wore leggings on his F.A.M.E. album cover?

    I mention Cam’ron because he had something smart to say about Kanye wearing a kilt too. Wasn’t Cam’ron #teamPINK in the early 00s?

    Personally ‘meggings’ makes my butt look waay to big so it’s not for me. I won’t even rock a pair of skinny jeans.

    Kilts is kinda out there too…I don’t like my stuff swing and such….

  4. Theyre not doing anything new, maybe for this younger generation but nothing new. Men in spandex was in the 80s and men in kilts, the grunge look, was the 90s. I bet if the gay community starts wearing it, the straights will start also lol. Follow the leader.

  5. I agree with Ronnie. This has all been done before and I can see how it can be pulled off if done right (for instance, the look with the blazer is kind of dope).

    I don’t really mind the gender bending that’s talking place in hip hop right now. I think it encourages individualism.

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