Lenny Kravitz Gets Some Leakage

Lenny-Kravitz-shared-close-upso lenny kravitz is next in line for some leakage.
so he was performing at a concert in stockholm monday night.
in popping a squat during a song,
his pants ripped and his pipe flew right out.
this is what happens when you wear nut huggers.
well the f-bi sent me the picture and well…
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Katy Perry Made Me Feel So Young (Like Kindergarten)

tumblr_nj5mni4GzT1u6ue4bo1_500so the talk at work today is the super bowl.
the seahawks got some people owing money.
the majority of the talk is that of katy perry’s performance.
the reviews from this office are pretty…
i don’t think i gave my thoughts,
so here goes…
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f0xswagg: Meggings and Kilts…. The New Jeans?

lil wayne and kanye west may have started something.
remember when wayne wore those leopard skin pants at the mtv awards one time?

or how about kanye and his kilt at the hurricane sandy benefit last week:
well apparently,
both are in style with vengeance

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