Katy Perry Made Me Feel So Young (Like Kindergarten)

tumblr_nj5mni4GzT1u6ue4bo1_500so the talk at work today is the super bowl.
the seahawks got some people owing money.
the majority of the talk is that of katy perry’s performance.
the reviews from this office are pretty…
i don’t think i gave my thoughts,
so here goes…

now i like katy perry.
her music is pure pop fun and foolishness.
its something to listen to while eating ice cream or climbing a tree.
it reminds me of all the “good girl/bad girl” snow bunnies from teen movies.
i do need to be in the mood to listen to her music tho.
favorite song?
“dark horse”.
that song makes my inner ratchet twerk deep inside.

her performance last night was “interesting”.
well it was actually all over the place.
she went from riding the white tiger ranger,
to being on an illuminated chess board,
and then being on isle delfino from “mario sunshine”.
that was the part that confused me.
well not as confused as the two sharks:
sbshark2_zpsl2kgeqcm sbshark_zps9nsykdly(can i say i laugh out so loud looking at that?)
so yeah…
it was like it was a dark theme,
that went light,
and then went back dark again.
i felt it was too “cutesy” for a testosterone dominated superbowl halftime show.
like that should have been the opening act at the “teen choice awards”.
hell trl’s first episode.
its bad when bae anderson cooper has something to say:

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.42.17 PMthe best thing about the performance was missy.

tumblr_nj5mnl01GG1u14xc4o3_400i can truly say i have missed missy elliott.
i am one of her biggest fans and own pretty much all her music,
and features.
btw: needz an album in 2015 missy.
i had to wonder if katy didn’t bring out missy or lenny kravitz…

Would her performance have been a complete struggle?

tumblr_inline_nj5likON9C1qbfqaeits no doubt she needs theatrics to keep people interested,
but is she stuck in this “nickelodeon/tongue in cheek” persona forever?
like how is she even going to transition to being an “older” artist?
its bad when another woman,
and a damn discombobulated shark,
steal the show from right under you.

tumblr_nj5mhr5eIg1rsqx4lo1_1280lowkey: on good news,
missy’s music is charting on itunes!
goooooo missy!


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10 thoughts on “Katy Perry Made Me Feel So Young (Like Kindergarten)”

  1. At one point when missy was performimg I forgot Katy was even there. I wasn’t really feeling the over the top cuteness from katy but that’s what she does best.

  2. Missy E. totally stole the night from Kelly. But I didn’t watch it tho because I don’t care for football unless there were some beautiful firm black ass showing.

  3. Missy went awf! If her and Lenny Kravitz weren’t there, I don’t think it would’ve been a huge deal. She is following behind Beyoncè. #notastanmoment

  4. None of you mentioned my favorite part. Lenny Kravitz! I almost came when he started singing. I liked Missy’s part too but I wish she had her own pre-show performance instead. I also wish that Katy was just a feature because the only part I enjoyed was her singing “Firework” along with the fireworks. I thought the big tiger was a cool effect but it seemed like Katy had a hard time keeping up with her pre-recorded vocals for most of the performance. Lip-syncing should be second nature to most singers now and days considering that what the majority of them do.

  5. I enjoyed Katy P. I liked all the different themes she presented with each song, which didn’t lead to a monotone performance. In addition to great assists from Lenny and Missy, I was entertained. I believe the people who had a problem with it, simply are not aware of the type of music she does, i.e. Pop.

  6. I liked most of it, but it was true to her style. If you’ve seen any of her videos or other performances, you know what she’s bringing to the table: pure POP imagery, lots of color and a whole lotta CAMP (ex: the dancing sharks)!!!

  7. Bossip did a story about Missy saying some young people didn’t who she was.I was taken aback but when I asked some teens and pre teens on my street today almost none of them knew who she was.A couple of them had heard her name but didn’t know what she looked like.Then I realized she hasn’t really put out an album or toured in ten years.MTV or BET rarely show old videos so many young people don’t know her.
    I laughed when people on Twitter were asking “Who is Paul McCartney? a few weeks ago .Now they don’t know who Missy is.

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