Upgrade Your Status To: “My Shit Don’t Stank Boo”

okwordone of my favs sent me ^this today.
i must be in a way better place in life.
i cosigned that 100%.
i actually feel sorry for people described in that status.
like this one from ( x here ) and ( x here )…














i told people in my life that when i make it,
and the money is coming in all kinds of heavy,
that if i start to actin’ “braggadocious” and “new black”,
please do not hesitate to:

slap the ever loving dog shit out of me

i’ll know what its for.
“if you are financially beneath me”?
so nasty and so rude.
its always the “d” list that has the worst attitudes.

lowkey: you should ALWAYS be nice to everyone.
the people “lower” than you included.

i’m cool to everyone.
from the janitor to the execs.
those same “little people” have a habit of being your karma.
cut the shit.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Status To: “My Shit Don’t Stank Boo””

  1. Even though this was pointed out, people will still envy those with more, whether these people sell their bodies or not. People just want that lifestyle I guess. *shrugs*

    That JonJon dude is nothing but a classless no good whore. That boi know his sphincter muscle is long gone and trying to clown somebody. Shit probably falls outta his ass quicker than elementary kids going down a slide. Get outta here.

  2. I wish someone would say: Umm the reason why they throwing money at you is because you’re a prostitute. And fyi I hope you’re saving up because your looks aren’t going to last forever and eventually there’s going to be someone better than you and you’ll be forgotten. So live up it now because you don’t have that much time. Remember you’re an object, a thing that people will get tired of after being pass around by so many.

    1. Lindo, there will always people who will be willing to be a sponsor to someone, especially if the sponsors are not attractive and have low-self esteem issues. They will pay just for a dude to have breakfast with them. Quite sad if you ask me.

      1. I totally agree with you. The sponsors are always the unattractive dude or old dude who wants to be the sugar daddy.

    2. I gotta say this tho. I know some prostitutes who all said the same thing when they were young the money would be popping and they actually thought it will last forever. But as they got older the money was getting less and the former clients that used to give them grands either found someone else or just wanted a simple blowjob because it the cheapest. The client list would get shorter as they get older and all the luxury is now a simple memory.

      1. Yup, because at the end of the day. There will always be someone better… prettier, richer, better at giving blowjobs, better ass, etc.

    1. Why are you taking up for him? He clearly has issues and bashes the working class people as if they are second class citizens compared to him. Insulting people’s looks and basically is saying God is favoring him over others because they are not on the same level as him from a financial standpoint. Many of us could live a lavish lifestyle, but see we have a thing called self-respect and pride, so we will not stoop to that level to get by. You wanted an answer, you got it.

  3. The first guy read the fuck out of some of these attentionistos! I’m sitting here here in my room laughing and clapping in applause! He deserves a standing ovation! Lol the guy that was being rude needs to have several seats!

  4. Hopefully he’s smart enough to put some of that money up for the future , I doubt it. Lindo you’re right I’ve seen older men sponsor men like the shallow person Jamari posted. Man I love to read your post , you seem to have an old soul. I’ve known some people like him , and actually they are pretty lonely . That’s why they tend to flaunt the material things.

  5. I wanna yell PREACH to Xemsays statement, because it’s the truth and I’m sure a lot of us(myself included) can relate to it. As for JonJon bragging about getting money thrown at you for doing nothing isn’t an accomplishment it’s a shame.

  6. WOW, I guess that’s what is great about living in the world of Social Media, there is never a dull moment. Just when I thought the level of fuckery couldnt get any lower, it always does. I blame NeNe Leakes for this. She is the standard bearer of a basic person who happens to be blessed with money, who starts to think they are beneath everybody, and by no means is she the only one, but so many people now seem to base their lives on these reality shows and trying to live this grand fanciful life without putting in the hard work it takes to be a real success.

    I have no words for this little stunt queen, Im still trying to wrap my head around the part that he told someone to ask God-Is this dude serious? OMG that statement has floored me tonight. Talk about an empty person, I am trying to figure out what is it to admire about someone who has material possessions. Our country has failed so many of it citizens with our poor education system, and too many parents have failed to teach their children any kind of values. Sadly, so many people have this same mind set about life in our country, thinking that designer duds make you somebody. I see this everyday on the Gram, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but he caught me off guard being this blatant. I guess I wont be able to be a part of this fan club as I am mostly broke once I pay my rent, utility, credit card bills, car note, and living expenses, so I am financially under him by far, the only designer anything I can afford is cologne, but I think I will be okay.

  7. People should never take anything for granted…money, health or looks. God can take it at any moment.

    Some of the prettiest people have had accidents or had their looks altered for one reason or another..
    Some of the healthiest people have been disfigured or afflicted with health issues.
    Some of the richest people are broke and bankrupt at this very moment.

    One should be careful to ridicule the next because life offers no guarantees and things can change up at the blink of an eye.

  8. I screen shot that status cause it makes me feel a lot better. Jah knows I’m trying and struggling but having dreams of people like ole dude working in fast food one day keeps me going…. So because I work a 9-5 and pay my bills I’m beneith him

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