How The Attentionisto F*cked Up (Show You How)

tumblr_nhs7gxlRO11rtw4cvo4_r1_1280there is jay song i absolutely love.
“show you how”.
its from the “blueprint 2”.
2 of 2.
he drops gems on the right way to hustle.
well in the foxhole,
i like to drop a few gems for those who want to listen.
sure we all have to learn through actions,
but a cheat sheet from the H.F.I.C never hurt nobody.
so lets get into that jon jon lamar scandal that popped off earlier this week.
oh you didn’t hear about it?
well check the headlines in the “pineapple news”:


…sounds interesting huh?
well i never heard of him before this week,
but funky dineva actually was the one who wrote the story.
this is what was said about jon jon:

-Lives in a luxury sky-rise in Miami

-Drives a Benz

-Has quite an extensive collection of Louboutin and Louis Vuitton shoes

-Smokes a whole lot of weed

– He’s in his early to mid twenties

-Not publicly linked to any man or woman

well after the scandal dropped,
i came to this conclusion:


i’ll tell you why

when you are flexin’ all this cute shit,
with no career or job in sight,
it will invoke jealously amongst the common folk.
people “oh nice bro!” and “yass bitch yass” now,
but as soon as you are exposed,
everyone will be ready to load their guns for your head.
tumblr_nbqovfjP0s1r62mtoo1_400in my mind,
jon jon is messy.
he cute:

…and the ( x honey bunz ) are allegedly exceptional,
but for the life of me i cannot understand how everyone knew his business.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.41.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.41.59 PMJonay-Colins1

11463043^dis tew much.
how did this people have his privates as well?
obviously someone was talking or he was doing too much of it.
when you live this attentionisto life,
your mouth needs to be shut.
you shouldn’t be posting this at all:

JonJonLamar-response-e1418256548773not everything needs to be explained.
it screams insecurity.
also the people you think are your friends,
the ones who you confide in and cheer you on,
they are usually the first to send your expose full of confirmations.

this jobless good looking “i guess fox” is living in a sky rise in miami.
he is also wearing the entire men’s section of barneys or gilt.
plus he also on the gay scene heavy.

a) escort

b) doing something that involves drugs or swiping

if you plan on doing this kind of shit,
get you a little part time job.
preferably at a store.
while you are working there,
you can also doing what you do on the side.
if you REALLY pulling in money like that,
there is no reason you don’t have a career established.
laziness is what kills the attentionisto.
a smart hustla knows to cover his tracks.
it kills me on instagram when i see people flossing with no job.
like how are you gonna explain where all this shit is coming from?
its even worse when you from the projects.
side eye heaven.

a_560x375as a blogger,
i can’t blame funky dineva if these attentionistos/istas are sloppy.
its our job to follow a story.
this was a story.
it didn’t help jon jon went and erased all of his social media pages either.
he confirmed his guilt just by doing that.
see i’m more understanding than others,
but either way you slice it,
it was going to come to the light sooner or later.
its best to cover your tracks earlier than be a fool later.

see the full story at funky dineva: here | here

17 thoughts on “How The Attentionisto F*cked Up (Show You How)

  1. See the only problem is, when you can be bought u can also be sold, when who ever is fucking this guy gets tired of him, he will be turned in for a newer model, he will be cooked and everyone will turn their backs on him as most shady shallow fags always do when your not “popular” anymore. Why do we continue to subscribe to this messiness in the gay and black community’s. Uneducated people living fake and fraudulent lives, can’t even spell half the designer’s names that their wearing. It makes us look really stupid to the outside world. Black gay men never look legitimate. Its always about posing, shallowness, and narcissism. How are we ever supposed to be taken seriously. BEING gay is not a “lifestyle” it’s a life period and it’s meant to be led truthfully.

  2. Oh lordT! Get ready to hear from Laverne Cox and Janet Mock about people shaming men for being attracted to trans-women.

      1. IDK. I meant they look good in person. He looks good in person. Kinda of a queen but still attractive tho. He might be the total TOP he claims to be but who knows now a days.

    1. Oh so he is part of the Balenciaga clan? Their house is infamous for their stunting shenangians and credit card scams… they are so good at it, they have gone international! Bangkok is their favourite place to wreak havoc.

  3. “it kills me on instagram when i see people flossing with no job.
    like how are you gonna explain where all this shit is coming from?”

    Sadly, too many people don’t think like that. They are so caught up in showing off what they have, they don’t think about the consequences. I know or have known many people like this. But the one that make me laugh the most is the one driving the BMW or Mercedes, but still living in a room at mama’s house.

  4. Cute boy with a nice ass, but a dummy. I don’t understand why people can’t keep certain things to themselves.

  5. I was intrigued reading the original post from FD and your post made the pot boil over lol.
    Ppl solicit all of this admiration from folks they don’t even know. It’s sad..

    S/N: I was not prepared for that ass shaking, but

    1. Yea, the ass shaking was tight. If I was a pimp, I’m sure I could make plenty of that one. Bet he’ll do anything for a dolla.

  6. I can’t stand a nig who doesn’t want to work for his own shit. Y’all Foxes ain’t leeching off me. I want someone who is as goal oriented as I am.

    At least dude is cute. I’m sure there are many that would be his sponsor for life.

      1. You misunderstood me. I don’t date other wolves or straight men, so they don’t apply to me. When a Hybrid is with me, he’s playing a Fox role.

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