Justin Bieber Has A Big Pipe

oONqE6z…according to his trainer.
i know.
you will not lie on justin bieber.
that is his legit body in those calvin klein ads.
and like a straight wolf,
he is concerned you don’t lie on his big non photoshopped pipe either.
well breatheheavy.com learned you don’t play with bieber…


It only took a matter of hours before the website that posted a GIF making it appear Calvin Klein artificially endowed Justin Bieber with muscles and genitalia folded like a cheap suit.

TMZ broke the story … Justin’s legal team fired off a threatening letter to BreatheHeavy.com, demanding a retraction after the site posted a GIF making it appear that Bieber was way scrawnier and “smaller” than the Calvin Klein photo would suggest.

BreatheHeavy just caved and you can literally feel the fear. The site says, “Bieber denies the photo is real, and I respect that and will believe him.”

But the site didn’t stop there, quoting Bieber’s personal trainer … who said, “I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy. I sound weird saying that, but yes.”

tumblr_inline_n2k5qsvGWW1sxw4j8well he sure told them!
his stans can masturbate peacefully knowing this valuable information.

lowkey: i know the foxhole doesn’t care for him,
but i wish trey songz would have gotten a #mycalvins ad:

big ass dick included.

story found: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Has A Big Pipe”

  1. Not surprised at all. Everything is photo-shopped nowadays. When I saw the pics the other day, I was thought he was looking buff.

    Don’t get me started on Trey. #BeanBagPipe

  2. I agree cappycorn87, mikey kun, & Jake. Justin B does not have sex appeal. He’s not even twink material. I actually kinda chuckle at his “I’m sexy” face because he’s trying so hard but failing so much. I thought Justin’s 15 minutes were up but I guess I was wrong because his fans are sending death threats to the model chick that posed with him. I thought those little girls grew up by now. He was a phenom in like 2010. The Jonas Bros fans moved on quick. I assumed Justin’s would too.

  3. Oh vey!. This dude has turned into one of my most despised celebs and I actually liked him for a brief moment. JB’s team also sent me an email asking to remove pics of him in underwear from 2012 or else I would receive litigation from the agency who owned the pics. And then I lost 35 or so followers on my twitter account yesterday, no lie. Don’t be fooled, they are checking for gay bloggers for marketing info and it’s guys like him that are the biggest frauds of all time. This twerp actually calls paps to photograph him in his underwear on random beaches around the world, sagging below ass/shirtless etc on a MONTHLY basis. He must be on his monthly after seeing CK photoshop images circulated, He also banned gay forums like ‘famousmale’ and “justusboys’ from posting any images of him over the last few days. The gay ‘beleibers’ are so angry they’ve lost another outlet to lust after a homophobic, wannabe black thug. Hopefully, this new ban his team is imposing on adult gay blogs will translate into him fading into obscurity even faster. I couldn’t be happier.

      1. I can’t imagine them notifying you since you only post JB if he’s making headlines for douche behavior or every once in awhile he’ll take a ‘sexy’ pic that may grab your attention. But you already know I went hard on Justin for a few years b4 banning him after the old clips of him surfaced using (and singing) the ER verison of the N word last year. He’s just not a good person, Jamari.

        1. ^he doesnt at all!
          my spirit doesnt feel good about him.
          something about him seems so sketchy.
          hell he got that girl he use to date out here looking crazy.
          im glad he showed his ass tho us.
          you only need celebs who support the effort you put in.
          these faux insecure d listers (even a list) dont know any better.

          i feel he has secrets tho.
          they all gonna come out in the wash.

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