So Ya’ll Unfollow Kim Kardashian?

folks be weird.
so ^that is the cake they thought kim kardashian naturally has.
which by the way is completely unattractive.
so once they found out she was having her paparazzi photos edited,
the only logical thing to do was un-follow her.
well kim kardashian lost a ton of followers since she was exposed.
the daily mail has the full expose…
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Justin Bieber Has A Big Pipe

oONqE6z…according to his trainer.
i know.
you will not lie on justin bieber.
that is his legit body in those calvin klein ads.
and like a straight wolf,
he is concerned you don’t lie on his big non photoshopped pipe either.
well learned you don’t play with bieber…
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My Mirror Tells Me That I’m Ugly

tumblr_n3uq44sHXb1r62zwpo2_r1_500i have a couple questions and there are not meant to be insulting.
okay ready?
here goes…
have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you were “ugly”?
have you looked in the mirror and one flaw meant the end of the world?
and have you ever compared yourself to other people?
its okay.
you don’t need to feel embarrassed.
i’m not going to judge you.
its just me and you.
trust a lot of us have felt that way once or twice in our lives.
many people no matter how:

how much money they have
getting good pussy/ass/pipe on the regular

…feel that way every single day.
well you may suffer from “body dysmorphic disorder” and not even realize it.
i’ll tell you what that is…
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Mariah Carey Gets A “Before Photo Shop” Leakage

mariah-careyeveryone knows mariah carey is the photo shop queen.
gym and healthy eating for what?
i don’t know what mariah did,
but everyone seems to be coming at her these days.
well her pre-photoshopped pictures from a terry richardson shoot got released.
jezebel immediately posted them and well…
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