Mariah Carey Gets A “Before Photo Shop” Leakage

mariah-careyeveryone knows mariah carey is the photo shop queen.
gym and healthy eating for what?
i don’t know what mariah did,
but everyone seems to be coming at her these days.
well her pre-photoshopped pictures from a terry richardson shoot got released.
jezebel immediately posted them and well…

cdv98x28nqsgg7h6yh77 alzldzcddg6wameugpm7 qkd3tgzore6ocktnncmy mjbrswtnk7tq9dd0ssawokay so…
why is she always wearing gloves these days?

am i the only one who collapsed at “tears removed on dress”?
and did she have to take a picture with the wine glass?
further emphasizing where her stomach came from.
well i like the full time crazy diva that is mariah carey.

tumblr_mw6trra3yg1qd8zg3o1_500photo shop and all.

lowkey: i have to listen to her last album again.
i feel like i heard it once and ignored it from my life.
i haven’t been in a “love” music kind of mood anyway.
its summer.
i’m on full blown ratchet music.

pictures found: jezebel

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Gets A “Before Photo Shop” Leakage”

    1. ^I wish she would just accept that fact. Trying to squeeze that big ass into a one size too small outfit just ain’t cutting it any longer. She needs to stop thinking she is one of these teeny-boppers and accept the fact that she is a full-figured woman now. Hell, if she really wanted to get into these tight ass outfits she loves so well, she should just invest in a personal trainer. Hell her hubby has one! She has PLENTY of dollars to get a personal trainer as well!!
      Shit…she can’t rely on Photoshop forever! LOL

  1. Poor Mariah! Lol they were wrong for posting this! Lol but it took me a minute to get the “tears removed on dress” part! Lmao! They know they’re wrong for this! Lol I can’t !

  2. It’s not like she’s ugly though, but her Emancipation of Mimi days are behind her (body wise). She can get fit, but it’ll take time. I mean she did have twins inside of her. I think she’s wearing gloves to hide the bruises from a fall she had a while back.

  3. I say this before and i’ll say it again…98% of the woman you see on TV…BRITNEY,BEYONCE,MARIAH, AGUILERA, the KARDASHIANS and many of the other hollywood actresses or celebs that America worships DOESN’T look like themselves without the help of a beauty team and HEAVY PHOTOSHOP and airbrushing…it’s just so sad that the standard of beauty for woman is UNREALISTIC especially in Hollywood now i see why people go crazy even with MEN these days people are going crazy trying to look perfect and it’s like for what..MARIAH you’re in your 40’s you have a net worth off over half a billion if i had a net worth of 500 mill i’d come outside with man boobs and kankles fuck that what is STILL trying to prove put some clothes on, i hope when Bey get’s into her 40’s she isn’t still trying to dress sexy…you’re MARIAH CAREY one of the greatest selling female artists of all time you have already proven your talent, longevity, stardom, go to VEGAS and sell out concerts there like all legends do, get more coins from your fragrances and etc like you do, continue to collect residuals from all those millions of albums you have sold and enjoy dem babies and that sexy husband of yours…NEXT…SN: whoever released these pics was MAD!!!! LOL

    1. I hear what you’re saying Malcolm. BUT. If at her age she is going for sexy…thats fine..but INVEST in it. Don’t try to fool us. BC things like this end up happening. Over half a BILLIE and she can’t build a gym at one of her estates? Get a nutritionist to drop the plate of food on the table. Ive invested in personal training and nutritionists and its worked like magic beans. And my bankroll aint no where near hers….She needs to pick a look full figured or thinner modelesque and actually invest in more that photoshop.

  4. Somewhere Aretha Franklin is laughing as she takes another bite out of her fried chicken. Poor Mimi is going through a mid-life crisis and just have to accept the fact that once you get a certain age, its nothing left but the crying unless you are willing to put in the work to stay a certain way, and granted she has the money to do it, but she does not have the discipline. It is rumored she is a heavy drinker and that’s the worst thing you can do if you are trying to stay in shape because alcohol is nothing but pure sugar in our system when it metabolizes. She is at the point in her career where her talent is gonna have to speak for her and not her sexy image. Its going to happen to Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, all the girls behind her who are thin now, we all are going to age if we keep living. Its sad that women are put under this kind of pressure, but its even sadder that a aging Diva cant let go of her photoshop antics and accept the fact that she still looks good for a woman in her 40’s but she is never going to be that super skinny Mariah from the 90’s.

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