Common Doesn’t Think Justin Bieber Is Racist

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 7.31.36 PMthat bear represents whats about to maul his mentions.
so common doesn’t think justin bieber is a racist.
well this is what he said to vladtv

“He surrounds himself with black people. So, I don’t think it was something that—To be honest I never even seen the tapes, but I got the feedback of it. But I don’t think it’s something that he was saying wholeheartedly to demean a black person.

Common later reasons that Bieber, who was born and raised in Canada, “must have been raised in a place where he just didn’t know” about the implications of those types of remarks. Common also takes the time to reiterate the message of his longtime collaborator Kanye West’s 2004 lyric “racism still alive, they just be concealing it”:

“We got so many other problems in America, racism is not at the forefront. We feel like ‘Oh, we have a Black president. Oh, we see successful people out there that are African American and Black. We doing multicultural movies, so racism [doesn’t exist]. But it still does exists. It’s just under the table. One thing I liked about during time is that it was just out there and put on the table. I rather it just be put on the table, because that’s the way you get to the solution.”

where is my trusty oprah gif
a ha..

didn’t donald sterling surround himself with black people as well?
he even sold and traded them as well in the guise of a basketball team owner.
look how that turned out.
well common has his tenth album on the way out.
this may explain all this talking.
i keep asking why are they only asking the blacks about justin bieber?
why not tom cruise,
angelina jolie,
or even mark wahlberg?
all of which have/had projects out recently.
does anyone not find that strange?
maybe its just me.
hell maybe justin bieber should be our hero?
he got all the black wolves ready to bend over backwards for him.
or is it the other way around?

justin-bieber-new-year-party-2014 tumblr_mpuyo9WoEw1qk8hivo1_250shit he got some kind of power we all wished we had.
either way…

lowkey: i’m a little shocked common would say this tho.
i have my reasons.
how did he say he didn’t see the tapes,
but he got the feedback from other people?

stop it.

article found: vladtv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “Common Doesn’t Think Justin Bieber Is Racist”

  1. I was done as soon as I read that racism was not a forefront issue. Come one man. He can’t be serious.

      1. I wasn’t interested in reading the whole quote. He is just another person defending a racist. The majority of the black population will never support him or his music, and they cannot force him on us.These same people were mad at Donald Sterling, but defend someone who is in their Hollywood circle. I don’t really care anymore. I will not comment on this subject anymore, ever. I mad at myself for giving it so much energy in the first place.

  2. He sounds contradictory, confused. What is he really trying to day about Beiber, does he even know.

    1. ^yeah!!!!!!
      his statement sounded drug enhanced.
      he basically said racism is an issue,
      but it isn’t,
      but it is.
      his pr people dropped the ball.

  3. Common got into Hollywood, started fucking those white men, and has completely sold out. First hand knowledge of this DL sellout. This is not a surprise he would defend Bieber.

    1. Thank you!!! Common been a sellout both socially and romantically. Them snow foxes always talk homie and his name dropped a few times. It’s sad that black men are capping for this foolishness. As for Common he needs to drop that fake act of being for black people as he is not, hell he looks down on gay black men tis what I heard. He could go f himself. We don’t need anymore men like him around.

  4. I’m confused as to what Bieber did that was racist. People throw the word racism so freely that it has lost its meaning. There is a difference between racism prejudice and discrimination & he didn’t commit an act in either regard. Your Donald Sterling comparison is not accurate because A)Owners seldomly have a hand in who the team drafts/signs that either the GM or President of Basketball Operations, which is Doc Rivers B)Even if Sterling did have a hand in who was being signed he still employed many blacks to lead that franchise. A true racist would not have done so. And honestly, Sterling or Mark Cuban never really said anything racist. So what Justin Bieber said nigger and?? Saying nigger the way he did was not racist because there was not hate surrounding it. Black want to cry racism discrimination and prejudice but have no problem saying terms like honkey and cracker freely. It is very true that people -even in America- have no clue about civil rights in america and slavery. Dude was 15 and made one joke in which it looked like he was uncomfortable repeating. He was founded by Usher and has had a hit singles with Ludacris and Drake and Nicki so obviously he is accepted in the black community for being himself. The reason Jolie and others have not said anything is because hes not on their side of the fence he is happy around black people and those artists are the ones who have supported him. Name one song hes done with another pop star. He could easily make songs with 1 Direction amd such but hes not. Maybe its because I’ve studied race at a very racist institution in the south and no theres more to racism and discrimination but alas nothing Bieber has said or done especially regarding the joke is racist.

    1. I’m black and have never said honkey or cracker. That’s something more akin to older black people.

      Are you saying because you’ve had an experience that was extremely racist that that somehow makes you an expert/judge on what counts as racist? There’s levels to racism just like there’s different levels of sexism and homophobia.

      Also your Donald Sterling comparison is not accurate because it has been proven that one can still be racist even when they’re married and have kids with whoever it is they are racist against.

      Racism hasn’t lost it’s meaning, racist is just a term used for anyone that is discriminatory toward someone because of their background. The same way homophobia is used for anyone that is discriminatory against gays despite the fact that the word phobia indicates a fear. The terms have become synonymous with hate and there’s nothing wrong with that. No one wants super duper technical. Hate is hate.

      1. You’ve never really said anything about my arguments about Biebers actions, the people he makes music with, or his acceptance among black athletes and musicians. You also haven’t showed to me where the racist act committed by Bieber occurred.

        No I’m saying that, I’m saying thay my studies about race in a desegrated institution and having been taught black history since i was 6 by my parents are the reasons why I look at racism the way I do, never said it made me an expert just trying to put my viewpoints in perspective.

        My Donald Sterling comparison is accurate because I was specifically talking about the Clippers situation. Nobody cared when the housing lawsuit first came about.

        The definition you gave described was prejudice. Racism is more along the lines of zero sum thinking & denying someone a basic right of life such as a job a place to stay. Cities building interstates in poor neighborhoods forcing others to move is an example of what I consider racism. Calling someone a nigger and such is just prejudice to me. To me racism occurs in the larger institutions such as corporations, businesses, real estate & transportation services where the average black person has no leverage to fight against it.

      2. You’re being super technical with the definitions. Racism also means a belief in racial superiority. Doesn’t mean Donald Sterling is any less racist. Slave masters had sex with Black women regularly yet they still kept them in chains. Were they racist because they employed black people, had sex with black people, and even called them the N word. Oh, we can’t fault the slave masters for that, it’s just the way they were raised. 🙁

        The constant loving white men were giving black women was just them making sure there would be one less lonely nigger. Of course once the slaves escaped, all they heard was “run nigger nigger run.” 😉

        I don’t care about Bieber being accepted by black athletes and black musicians. Black people accepted the slave master and were ready and willing to turn in any slaves that went against him(or any of em) so I couldn’t care less. If I were to say why I thought Bieber’s actions were racist, you’d just wave it off like you already have. Let’s just agree to disagree because we’re not gonna get anywhere.We’d just be going back and forth until one of us tires of repeating ourselves. Plus, it’d bring up the N word debate and I’ve said enough about that.

    2. Thor, I agree that people often confuse or conflate the terms “racism”, “prejudice” and “discrimination”. Racism is the belief that one race is inferior or superior to another. Prejudice is pre-judgment, including judgment based not of facts about a particular person but based on stereotypes or “racism”. (For example, all blacks are intellectually inferior to whites. Kunta is black. Therefore, Kunta is intellectually inferior.) Discrimination is the behavior that often springs from racism and prejudice. Discrimination is to treat one person or one thing or one situation differently from another. (It is discrimination to treat a good employee differently from a bad employee. Discrimination is not always a bad thing. Discrimination happens every day and is generally a good thing.) It is sometimes the result of racism or racial prejudice. So and employer’s behavior is not to hire blacks (perhaps Kunta) because the employer is racist (believes that blacks like Kunta are inferior so won’t adequately do the job) and/or because he’s prejudiced against black. The employer’s treatment of Kunta would be termed racial discrimination. That is discrimination based on race.

      Putting the above together, it is clear that many African Americans are self-hating, anti-black racist. They believe that to be white or whites are superior. That belief is shown by their prejudice against other blacks and their use of terms such as the N word, their dying their hair orange or blonde, their adopting European standards of beauty (light skin, pointy noses, thin lips, grey, blue, green eyes, stringy hair preferred to dark skin, broad noses, full lips, dark eyes, nappy/tightly coiled/strong hair). Many are prejudiced against other blacks and discriminate against other blacks. To me it is clear that current self-hating, anti-black racism held by blacks and their anti-black prejudice and discrimination is likely more harmful to African Americans than current white racism, prejudice and discrimination directed toward them.

      Coming back to Beiber. Is the racism that some claim he has/believes shown by words (such as saying that blacks are inferior) or deeds (racial prejudice or racial discrimination)? What is the evidence?

      Zen Buddha, I understand what you’re saying but I don’t like the three terms conflated (put together) or used interchangeably because it prompts over-use and misuse and therefore it means that the word “racism” is beginning to have almost no meaning.

      1. Thank you Dean. Racism is a complicated subject that many can not seem to fathom what real racism is & other acts of prejudice and discrimination. These 3 words are not interchangeable and should be treated separately. When he stops employing blacks because he feels they’re stupid or stops dating Hispanic/Latin women because he feels they aren’t worthy of his love and explicitly says that then I will label him a racist. It is entirely possible he had no real concept of the word growing up in Canada or it has a different meaning. Its obvious he loves our culture and I don’t blame him as I see more and more whites enrolling in black studies classes & teaching them than I see blacks. I witnessed a black college student cheat on a black history test I felt ashamed. Honestly I have ZERO problem with ANYBODY saying nigger/nigga because of how I define the word but that’s another subject.

    3. You clearly are a troll. He is a racist as he demonstrates the need to mock blacks to their faces and then blatantly uses them to come to his defense. The n word is unacceptable no matter whom uses it. The slaves loved the master even though he terrorized them. If you hear a black person use those words then you should speak up. It’s amazing how people like you seem to always take anguish at what you deem acceptable to you. You are clearly misinformed and downright cynical. He shouldn’t have said it period. I’m pretty sure if a black person that used a racial slur was called out, so why can’t black people to do the same to whites? I’m done with you as I can see no matter how educated a person think they are, they can’t really seem to shake themselves into reality and use common sense.

      1. Tired of bs, who are you referring to? Me? Thor? Who? Your comment doesn’t make it clear. Please clarify.

        I agree that the use of the N word is unacceptable–no matter who uses it but since “racist” is a pretty strong label, I’d like more on Justin Bieber than just the use of that word. After all many–too many–African Americans use that word routinely and perhaps daily. So I want to know all the evidence against Justin Bieber. Possibly his use of the word may be more out of ignorance–when he likely has been deluged with African American rappers using it in their songs and when he may have African American friends using it frequently around him. I am unwilling to label him “racist” just because of his use of it in that “joke”. Ignorance and foolishness is not the same as “racist”. What is the rest of the evidence?

        Yes, it’s a racial slur and I don’t use racial slurs–not Jap, Chink, Spic, Honky, Nigger, Wetback, Redskin, Ofay or others. I just don’t use them and never have–except for explanation purposes such as here. I don’t use them because people are people and should not be so denigrated or stereotyped.

        By the way, when I hear or see a black person using that word, I do speak up. Just ask Jamari Fox. I’ve been on him several times about how the use of that word serves to lessen us and dehumanize us and I believe that he’s listening.

    4. Thor, I understand that Canadians are as knowledgeable about the use and history of the N word as Americans are so I believe it likely that Justin Bieber was or would be as knowledgeable as any American of the same age.

      in medicine, the Hippocratic Oath says: “First do no harm”

      The song “Accentuate the Positive” by Johnny Mercer said: “You’ve got to accentuate the positive
      Eliminate the negative
      And latch on to the affirmative
      Don’t mess with Mister In-Between”

      Noted Black Panther Party founder and self-proclaimed revolutionary said: “What we’re saying today is that you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.”

      From the medical field, from entertainment and from a leader in black liberation, we get those words of wisdom. These words of wisdom all essentially say the same thing: First do no harm and accentuate the positive, eliminate (not excuse) the negative and do that because if you’re not part of the solution (the positive), then you’re part of the problem (the negative). It is unclear to me how using the N word makes a positive contribution to the uplift of African Americans or black/people of African descent anywhere. In fact, it doesn’t. It is clear to me that it’s part of the problem. It’s a part of the negative! (A Nigger is someone that is stupid, dumb or lazy. So even a Nigger knows not to use a Nigger attorney, a Nigger doctor, a Nigger carpenter, etc. And further the use of Nigger to call someone that dehumanized him and devalues him. And further, it’s not that YOUR definition of Nigger is. It’s what the generally accepted definition of Nigger is. That’s why we have dictionaries so as to communicate with others–not just internal communication with ourselves of the brain.) So your use of the N word lacks water. That is, unless your aim is to harm black people! In that case, it makes a lot of sense!

    1. Apparently it’s not just black Hollywood since some people are still under the impression that if someone smiles in your face then that means they like you or don’t have any grievances toward you. Had they been coming to J’s blog long enough and seeing how liar liar treats him, they’d know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      Just because a straight woman gets her hair done by a gay man, doesn’t mean she likes gays any more or any less. Most of them still think that gay hairdresser is going to hell and deserves to go to hell because ya know, “the bible says so.” My mom being a great example, which is why I will forever be in the closet.

  5. The part “he isn’t racist but he surrounds himself with black people” was incredibly ignorant coming from a supposedly conscious rapper.

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