Twink God Reveals His Status

everyone meet twink god.
( x again ).
twink god is the latest wolf to hit the scene.
ever so often,
a out wolf of dreams wanders into our forests.
twink god doesn’t mind if you are feminine because he will date you.
he also doesn’t mind if you have hiv.
he will still bust yo butt cheeks in two.
this is what he put on his facebook via an f-bi
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Azealia Banks Drags A Barbie Around The Playground?

i haven’t been keeping up.
i must have missed something,
but what did nicki minaj do to deserve this?
azealia banks gave her a “end of year review” on her facebook.
this is what she said before she deleted it…
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The Status About The Becky With The Good Hair?

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 6.54.26 PMso the hive already made guantanamo bay in rachel roy’s ig.
she is the alleged “becky with the good hair” b was singing about.
they even assaulted her daughter’s ig as well.
rachel is probably in witness protection as we speak.
well a vix-bi may have a lead into rachel’s past life.
so rachel use to be married to the late nba baller wolf,
yinka dare.
the vix-bi was really close to that situation.
she knows a good friend of the late yinka.
he was also around during the marriage of yinka and rachel.
this is what he posted on his facebook about rachel…
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Upgrade Your Status To: “My Shit Don’t Stank Boo”

okwordone of my favs sent me ^this today.
i must be in a way better place in life.
i cosigned that 100%.
i actually feel sorry for people described in that status.
like this one from ( x here ) and ( x here )…
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Working Out Means You Signed Your Life Over To The Devil?

tumblr_ms1n5frNMi1qjl96uo1_500“do 1,000 sit ups before breakfast.
2,000 before lunch,
and 10,000 before bedtime.”

“see these rock hard abs?
they came from doing sits on the holy grail and drinking cat blood right after.”

“you can get bouncing pecs too.
just make sure you lift your weight in a mini cooper and then wrestle a rabid raccoon right after.”

“i’m a herbalife life assistant. contact me today.”

is herbalife the male mary kay?
yeah so those are all instagram statuses.
you know i keed.
first it was models,
then it was twerking,
now its the BILF (body i’d like to f).

tumblr_ms0o8lpDVR1qfyyoco1_500now we’re talking!
personal trainer wolves have started to flood instagram.
you can’t page hop without seeing compression shorts,
work out videos in the playground,
and sweat juice pecs.
listen i love my wolves with the muscular bodies.
i been known to worship a nice body,
while on my knees with spanish candles burning,
but has anyone noticed that everyone with muscle mass wants to whey in on a workout regiment?
it seems like these wolves who sucked as athletes have decided that training would be their life goal.
how fun is some meaty asshole
telling you that you ain’t shit because you don’t live in the gym?
how fun also that they won’t date anyone who isn’t working out either?
its like they have the personality of a dumbbell.
you notice a majority of these wolves have no one?
how can they have anyone really?
well besides “gymella” and that bitch is pretty much ran through.
hell the illusion of great work out like sex maybe just a fantasy as well.
i don’t mind the free work out tips,
but god forbid i try to hit them up about advice.
hell even personal training sessions…
tumblr_lsbmt6NdyQ1qhtn3ko1_r1_500 tumblr_lsbmt6NdyQ1qhtn3ko2_500i mean you are a “personal trainer” right?
i’m starting to think that personal training is all some of them have to offer.

with a gym now on every corner,
and a “steve to stephon” type dude with an instagram account,
i couldn’t help but wonder…

has personal training
become the new fall back career for swaggless men?

I’ll Have A Blogger Beef Patty and Cheese

What’s up with all this blogger on blogger hate?

Why are bloggers beefing and outing each other?
Making Facebook statuses, being messy as hell?
It is so ridiculous.
I just read about some bloggers who were blasting another blogger because he is broke and frontin‘.
Why do these people know all of that?
That is my first question.
Was he using his blog to promote a lifestyle that really wasn’t his?
Or, is jealous and envy the culprits?
It has all gotten so messy.
I had to wonder…

Can’t we all get along?

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