I’ll Have A Blogger Beef Patty and Cheese

What’s up with all this blogger on blogger hate?

Why are bloggers beefing and outing each other?
Making Facebook statuses, being messy as hell?
It is so ridiculous.
I just read about some bloggers who were blasting another blogger because he is broke and frontin‘.
Why do these people know all of that?
That is my first question.
Was he using his blog to promote a lifestyle that really wasn’t his?
Or, is jealous and envy the culprits?
It has all gotten so messy.
I had to wonder…

Can’t we all get along?

Truth be told, I respect Beyonce.
I’m not a stan or anything, but I respect her hustle.
She doesn’t really mingle with her other peers.
She is cordial and pleasant at award shows and events.
She will take pictures and keep it moving.
She recognizes the people in the industry that she respects.
But, Beyonce is a loner by nature and about that man, that child, the fans, and the money.

It bothers me that everyone
(black folk)
has to have this immense amount of drama with each other over trivial shit.
Maybe I am in a different place in my life,
but I don’t really care about what other bloggers are doing (unless it comes to the actual blogging).
I don’t need to let these people in my life and invite them over for coffee.
Like a job, they are my co workers.
Our bosses are our viewers.
I give love to every other blogger out there,
but I am more concerned about the people who read my site.
I share my life with them because honestly, this is now my career.
Blogging can be a career.
Messiness is a hobby.

The problem is,
people are trying to live a lifestyle.
They got the game all fucked up.
People want to be living like superstars on a EBT card.
They are concerned about being on the scene, than what is important.
I am about my content.
I learned from a few bloggers when I was a nobody:

Natasha from YBF,
Necole Bitchie,
Freshalina from C&D,
Angel from CL,
Rod 2.0,
Rob Littal from BSO,
and Terez Owens.

… are always about their content.
I respect that.

I am about what I present to the public and how they take it.
If I see a dip in my stats or my comments,
that bothers me and I work harder.
Maybe I have a different frame of mind than other people.
I dunno.
But, I think people need to separate their work from their art and cut the bullshit beef out.

…just a quick random vent.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Have A Blogger Beef Patty and Cheese”

  1. People can’t get along simply because trhey hate on eachother. I don’t know what it is, people just can’t stand the success of others.

    That’s a beautiful pic of Bey by the way.

  2. Are you talking about the Skorpion show fiasco? Truth be told it was a messy situation and it was real petty for the promoter to blast ole boy like that. But people need to learn to stop trying to keep up with the Jones. Why go on a trip if you KNOW you can’t afford it. Then make a video addressing the situation and not even negate the claims made on your character. Either you this life is filled with people who have a crabs in the barrel mentality. That’s just the way it is.

  3. I won’t start with The Scorpion Show and their messy ass antics. I saw the video of Africano Boi disputing the drama with Dwight . It was a mess. It was nobody’s business in the first place but you know how every queen got to be in your business.

    I am loner by choice myself. I don’t mingle and all that mess with other bloggers. We are the NEW reporters and some of us are dirty. They would try to get anything off you just to get a hit on their video/site.

    I don’t even comment on other people’s blogs but I have respect for you because you are so real and honest. Not to mention, you have showed The Luckey Star a whole lotta love and I can’t appreciate you enough.

    Even your commenters are so positive. Sometimes I don’t agree with some of y’all opinions but I respect you guys as well.

    There is definitely a lack of mutual love and support in the blogger world. Humbleness is the key!

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