The Blacker The Berry, The Sweeter The Eric?

His nickname is, The Fifth Dimension.
I wonder if that applies to the bedroom too?
Everyone take a look at Eric Berry who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.
Who knew they looked like this in Kansas?


Looks yummy.

11 thoughts on “The Blacker The Berry, The Sweeter The Eric?

  1. naahh im good with recycled men. why r the athlethes now and media celebs just repetitions of the older athlethes…seems like the coaches r picking the same ‘berries’ no pun intended. bebo ear phones, tats, a 6 pack, hooping shorts, a fade, jordans, polo, some gang sign, some picture of not looking in the cam and see how cute i am and im not paying attention to it, cus im so deep coming up with some unrelated quote to a pic of me doing absolutely nothing, raybans wayfarers, air force 1s, a mag stud and the right head cock to show i got swag…Grrrhhhh Im 20 and all that looks redundant… can someone be NEW and original. im tired of recycled material

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