When You Forget To Make The Photo Album Private…

I love how stupid Wolves can be.
In the quest for ass,
they can make the biggest mistakes.
Like here, for instance…

I love how Veronica liked it just in case though.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “When You Forget To Make The Photo Album Private…”

  1. Even if it was private who would put that on facebook? Technical glitches do happen.

    I remember the times when all your private pics on BGC would randomly go public all of a sudden. Nothing but mass hysteria. Lol

    1. You know he’s cute and you would let him stick you. Admit it Random. *gets up in pulpit.* THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE MY BROTHA. ROTFLMAO…..

  2. He used to be a big boy, did anyone go in the profile pics… He lost weight…. anyway, that happened to me one time, some guy put a pic of his dick on my wall… i was at work and all my friends were hitting me up saying go on your FB page… it was a big ol dick too… lol

  3. Random :
    His face. Lol. His dick isn’t much to write home about either.

    that dick looks sick.. looks like a baltimore dick. *regurgitates*

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