So, Uh, Joseline from Love and Hiphop ATL Was A Caged Bird Who Could Sing?

i made a funny.

So, I got some nice exclusives dropped in my mail box just now.
I thought I would share them for dinner time in the Foxhole.
It seems like everyone’s newest reality villian has some alleged secrets.
No, she was not born a man like some of you want to happen.
Actually, this will clear up those rumors once and for all…

So, allegedly, her name isn’t even Joseline.
It is Shenellica Bettencourt.
She also likes silver bracelets as accessories:



Well damn.
Is anyone really surprised?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “So, Uh, Joseline from Love and Hiphop ATL Was A Caged Bird Who Could Sing?”

  1. She still looks like a little Latin boy in drag.

    Some men many not prefer their equals, but since when do they not prefer top notch hoes?
    Clearly she has some tongue tricks, swallows on command, or does exactly that thing that Stevie J likes.

    1. Yup, that’s what I was thinking. She’s in her mid thirties acting like a skank. She belongs in a landfield with garbage.

      It’s her in the mugshots too, look at the mole on her chest.

    1. Well judging from the her facial pics, she used to be thicker. My guess is she loss the weight and got her face reconstructed.

  2. I can see her transformation after lifting weights, protein shakes and synthetic upgrades…So what is up shenellica’s accent? Is she from New orleans?

    1. I think its fake… I notice that she turns it on and off sometimes she sounds like a regular ghetto bitch then sounds like a ghetto bitch from another country…

  3. I just cant get past that this chick is 35yrs old with ambitions of being the next big pop star and she is going to make so much money. Delusional is not a word she is familiar with. So many people have let the entertainment industry define their whole being and no wonder they are so empty and will do anything for a dollar. This chick right here is really sad but she is no different than a million others with dreams of super stardom.

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