What I Learned From Watching Empire Tonight

empire-fox-2014-billboard-650so i learned one important thing watching empire tonight.
foxes this is for us…
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I’ll Have A Blogger Beef Patty and Cheese

What’s up with all this blogger on blogger hate?

Why are bloggers beefing and outing each other?
Making Facebook statuses, being messy as hell?
It is so ridiculous.
I just read about some bloggers who were blasting another blogger because he is broke and frontin‘.
Why do these people know all of that?
That is my first question.
Was he using his blog to promote a lifestyle that really wasn’t his?
Or, is jealous and envy the culprits?
It has all gotten so messy.
I had to wonder…

Can’t we all get along?

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In A World Where The Kings Are On The DL…

Now, I am all for jump off sex with a DL Wolf.

They are NOT for cuffing purposes PERIOD.
This is where some of ya’ll go terribly wrong.
You get a nice stiff penis from a man, or trade as they call it.

You call him over in the late night hour,
fuck him all kinds of stupid,
and then send him home until you need some more penis.
They even make great test subjects to practice giving head on.
Might I add, they are also the biggest tricks.
It is NOTHING to get them to pay a bill or buy you dinner.

But, DL Wolves have an issue about them that make them more annoying…
I’m here to teach them how to keep being sexy….

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Greg Smith Sends All His Fox Fans Shirtless Pictures?

I have come to believe MTO is the devil.

Sadly, some of the stuff they post can be on point.
While others, can be simply rubbish.
You be the judge with the following story.

So this guy, by the name of Greg Smith, who happens to play for the Rockets:

has been playing “Peek A Boo” with a Fox on Twitter….

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The Jackal Blows His Whistle and Puts It On Facebook

D.L (and pretty much all) Wolves.

We haven’t spoken in a while.
I know, I have been busy.
Life gets crazy when you are doing complete Fox domination.
So let’s talk for a minute while I have some time….
I got a question for you…

Do you know who you are fucking lately?

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The UnPleasurable Three Way

Check this scenario…

Random Wolf.


Random Fox.

Unless I’m talking about a great 3 in the making, I’m sure you are wondering where I am going with this.
Your friend is REALLY attracted to the Random Wolf/Fox but he isn’t feeling your friend.
The Wolf/Fox let you know that he is feeling you and low key, you are feeling him too.

I mean this person is MADE EXACTLY FOR YOU.

Do you pursue?…

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