The UnPleasurable Three Way

Check this scenario…

Random Wolf.


Random Fox.

Unless I’m talking about a great 3 in the making, I’m sure you are wondering where I am going with this.
Your friend is REALLY attracted to the Random Wolf/Fox but he isn’t feeling your friend.
The Wolf/Fox let you know that he is feeling you and low key, you are feeling him too.

I mean this person is MADE EXACTLY FOR YOU.

Do you pursue?…

Some would say, “what my friend got to do with it?”.
I have noticed some friends get so attached to a Wolf that isn’t feeling them,
they do not want anyone they know to even be involved with him.
It is like a crush to their ego and I will admit, it can be a little upsetting but is that fair?

So what do we do when we are involved in this situation?
Sneak around with the random Wolf/Fox to not step on your friend’s toes?
Telling them five years down the line that you both are a couple when things smooth over?
Or, do we tell them get over it and find someone who is feeling them?
When it comes to this sticky situation of a three way where the feelings are not mutual in one way…

Should we follow the “friend” rule and go the other way?

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8 thoughts on “The UnPleasurable Three Way”

  1. Damn right you pursue. Don’t sneak or creep for nobody. It is what it is.
    The so-called friend rule is reason #28 why people can miss their man because of bullshit. We are not talking about somebody’s husband, boyfriend, or ex. A perfect stranger is fair game.

    If anything, lose that associate still on that high school bullshit and surround yourself with grown ass confident people.

    That “I like him (but he don’t want me or know me) so he’s off limits” stuff is total bullshit.

    1. “If anything, lose that associate still on that high school bullshit and surround yourself with grown ass confident people.”

      ^one of the reasons there is so much drama in friendships.

  2. So…I ended up falling for & dating one my ex’s close friends. It was just one of those things that happened (heck we didn’t even start feeling each other until AFTER I’d broken it off w/my ex & he did w/his). I agreed not to tell ol boy cuz he was in his feelings at the time & I didn’t wanna hurt him more (he kinda felt in dude’s shadow, so getting w/me was an ego boost).

    idk if we ever told him the truth. In hindsight, I would have done it sooner because we weren’t sneaking, but keeping it quiet makes us look guilty. I shoulda been suspicious when none of his friends knew we were a couple (for a year), but I was dumb & ‘in love,’ — and it made it easier for that n*gga to cheat on me…bastid

    Bottom line, let it be known. Feathers may be ruffled, but in the end, it’s gonna happen anyway & we’re (supposed to be) grown. I’ll even help repair my friend’s ego… 🙂

  3. I say go ahead and tell them it’s happened yo me alot of times. usauly i was the one who had the crush and the crush looked my friend. But I would get over it fast cause something always happened usually a STD or creapin involved lol. And as an adult you can kinda feel connections even though a wolf/fow may be georgous it can be something that turns you off from them

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