Question For The Head Fox (1)


Jamari, aren’t you scared you would offend Baller Wolves with your site and how you speak about them?


Then if that is the case,
they need to stop being cute and be ugly.
Here is the thing…
I could be like everyone else and mute my opinions to please others.
Or even sit here and take precious time to worry if I offended some insecure dumb ass.
I’m not going to do that and I do not want my Foxes to do the same.
This is not what Jamari Fox is about.
Jamari Fox is blunt, to the point, and doesn’t care about a back lash for his opinion.
If I see a fine ass Wolf and I am attracted to him, then he is game.
A Wolf should be thrilled that Jamari Fox even noticed/talked about him.
My taste in Wolves is pretty damn exquisite and if I find you fine, then you pretty damn fine.
You should be flattered that I am not doggin you out.
And if you are so concerned or taken back by what I have to say,
stop posing shirtless and letting me and your audience know you have a body that needs to be fucked.

Plain and simple.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Question For The Head Fox (1)”

  1. “A Wolf should be thrilled that Jamari Fox even noticed/talked about him” (Jamari) YOU BETTER PREACH!

  2. If u think that’s funny Jamari I know ballers who love to be on blogs gay or straight. They say atleast they have fans and haters

  3. I actually know of one who dosen’t understand why he isn’t mentioned more often !

  4. tellum jamari!!!!idk why someone would be offended its not like your saying that you hade sex with them just you think their atractive whats the harm in fantasizing????

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