Isaiah Mustafa Has A Good Sense of Direction

… and yet he hasn’t been able to find his way in my Foxhole.
I guess Tyler Perry is keeping him busy.

I kid.


His body just makes me feel so tingly inside.
I would love to climb that mountain one night.
I’d be equipped with all the right gear.
And I’ll make sure he reaches his highest peak.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Isaiah Mustafa Has A Good Sense of Direction”

  1. I bet Tyler is scared to touch. That aint the regular muscled-up-ness that he’s used to. I would be scared to. I would just take a, i kid, i kid.

  2. That lady Tyler know what the hell she b doin. Just like boondocks said about her I dont kid. S.N I would let him fuck the shit out me then take a shower in old spice =x

  3. Tyler Perry might very well be a “top”, you know. All our wishful thinking that he is a Medea, dick-craving fox might be all for naught. He’s a big and thick man, and I’m sure his “draws” is packing a heavy, circumsized front package.

    1. yunk,
      you may just be right.
      it is always the ones you least suspect being wolves that are.
      something inside me says tyler is a fox or maybe a fox/wolf combo.

      i do feel,
      if anything,
      Mustafa may like to give more than he likes to receive.

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