Look At This Email I Got Today (Uhhh… Yuck?)

tumblr_mia8kbq03X1r1frbho1_400aint this some bullllllllshit

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I’ll Have A Blogger Beef Patty and Cheese

What’s up with all this blogger on blogger hate?

Why are bloggers beefing and outing each other?
Making Facebook statuses, being messy as hell?
It is so ridiculous.
I just read about some bloggers who were blasting another blogger because he is broke and frontin‘.
Why do these people know all of that?
That is my first question.
Was he using his blog to promote a lifestyle that really wasn’t his?
Or, is jealous and envy the culprits?
It has all gotten so messy.
I had to wonder…

Can’t we all get along?

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Jamari Fox’s Revenge

I love Batman: Arkham City.
It is one of the best games I have played in a while.
I beat it in 2 weeks (I had a job and other shit going on).

 I was told they were re-releasing the game with a new part called:

I was excited as shit because I wanted the game to just keep on going.
I will not want to give away the game ending as to WHY my crazy little HQ wants revenge,
but IMO it is not really worth 10 bucks paying for it.
It is pretty short and it goes by fast once you get up in it.
You should beat in an hour or two, if you really put your back into it.

I have posted the Youtube videos of the actual game play of Harley’s Revenge.
You can see for yourself if you want to make that purchase….

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