erase all contents and settings

Yesterday has been on one.
Actually it has been one,
and three but I ended up getting a message at the end.

so my phone has been acting weird.
we know when something is off when we choose not to ignore it.
message one?
the actions were off and some things weren’t functioning well.
randomly the other day,
i came upon an article about doing a clean install of the entire software.
that means resetting the entire phone and setting it up like it’s brand new.
i ended up calling apple and after a few diagnostic tests,
they told me the clean install will fix the issue.
something inside was urging me to start over with a clean slate.
message two?

yesterday during the afternoon,
i decided to do it.
after that whole process,
my phone started acting much faster and better but Foxhole…

I didn’t realize just how much work the start over process really was.

i had a lot of random apps that were doing nothing for me.
i was holding on to apps from years ago i didn’t use out of comfort.
there were apps i couldn’t get into due to not remembering passwords.
so it was a day of having to erase and move on from things.
even tho i was frustrated,
things do feel different.
a good different.

I decided to do a new homepage set up too with less apps on my screen too.

my homepage use to be so cluttered before.
this process forced me to change and try something new tbh.
i think God was behind it all.

It took starting over from scratch to finally get things to work.
This is what life has been like for me these past few years tbh.
I have been holding onto many things,
and ideas that don’t work or weren’t good for me on the inside.
I was forced to let go of a lot of things in order for things to start working.

The message: Some shit has been corrupting our internal software.
Things that should be working just ain’t.
It might be time to hit that “erase all contents and settings” for change.

there is always a message if we choose to look for it.

lowkey: i’ve noticed every year that ends with 3 have always been difficult.
there is always a reset and clean install in my life during those years.

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  1. Same here. I actually had to change my search engine from Google to another one and do a refresh on my iPhone. After trying to figure out what type of shenanigans was afoot yesterday with Apple on my own. I never call them anymore. Just madness! 😫

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